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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Gear shifter

    Hi all. I'm new to forum
    My motor is Corsa 62 reg 71k on clock had it from brand new.๐Ÿ‘ And the problem is - I wos driving and from nowhere no working lights come up nothing sounded suspicious and my gear stick just stuck on gear could not engage any other gear๐Ÿ˜•. When I pulled up and switched off the engine gears where going in no problem but soonest I turn on engine gear stick won't move again๐Ÿ˜• after about 10 minutes every think wos fine get car moving for about 2 miles and same issue occurred ๐Ÿ˜• no visible leaks fluid levels ok no losses in reservoir tank.

    Please help point me to right direction whot it might be.


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    Hi welcome to the forum

    Although you have checked for visible leaks and there is no drop in the reservoir it does still sound like its a clutch hydraulics problem , not disengaging the clutch . The engine rotates the layshaft in the gearbox whatever gear the gearbox is in , even when its in neutral. When the clutch properly disconnects the engine from the gearbox the layshaft stops rotating enough for gears to be selected. Equally if the engine is stopped the layshaft will not be rotating anyway so gears can be selected.

    Unfortunately this could be quite expensive to fix . If its a faulty clutch slave cylinder this is inside the bell housing with the clutch . Although the part itself is not too expensive there is quite a lot of labour involved , very similar to that required for a complete replacement clutch. Indeed while the car is dismantled this far a mechanic may suggest you have the whole clutch replaced at the same time. He is not trying to rip you off. It can be false economy leaving a part worn clutch in there, only to find the whole job needs doing again some time soon. (unless you know the clutch is almost new) Equally when replacing a clutch the slave cylinder should be replaced at the same time, even if it looks ok.

    Its possible the problem could be with the master cylinder, which is by the foot pedal, This may be less expensive to fix as the gearbox doesnt have to be separated from the engine as required with clutch, and slave cylinder repairs. So before having any expensive work done its best to have the car checked over by a mechanic you trust. It might just need bleeding of air , or some other completely different cause that I have missed. (another possibility is a sloppy gear selector linkage, but I think this would be equally a problem with the engine off)

    Have you tried 'pumping' the clutch pedal? With the car in neutral and the engine running try pushing the clutch pedal up and down several times rapidly. This 'pumping' can sometimes help it build up enough pressure that the clutch will release. But this is only temporary ,its not a cure, In fact its a good indication the hydraulics are faulty. Maybe this is what happened when you stopped for a while.The system may have built up enough pressure to work for a short time.

    Let us know how you get on.
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