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Rocker Cover X14SZ vs C14NZ

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Rocker Cover X14SZ vs C14NZ


    I cracked the rocker cover on an X14SZ and can get one from a C14NZ.
    Are they compatible or could there be a slight but significant difference?

    They seem hard to find so looking for any info on what fits and what doesn't beyond the X14SZ.

    How I cracked it? Cork gasket! This one gives in other than the rubber seal that's in the groove of the original.
    So you tighten the bolts with only 8Nm and it cracks the area around the bolts.
    Tiger Seal is holding the oil in more or less right now...

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    The rocker cover is coming up as the same part number for these engines [C14NZ[2H6],X14SZ[2H6],C14SE[L48]

    Part Code: 6 38 085

    GM Part Number: 90411272


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      Just to wrap up the story: I got a rocker cover for €40 after all.

      And here's the thing with the gasket: The cork gasket is only for metal (or aluminium) covers, the rubber gasket is for plastic covers.
      Can't change them around, one will either crack the cover or it won't seal.