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High idle after changing idle valve still error code P0505 and engine light on

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] High idle after changing idle valve still error code P0505 and engine light on


    I have just joined this forum, since I aready used your forum to find information and used it to initiate this troubleshooting:
    [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa 1.2sxi 16v - Idle Too High

    However this time I could not solve the issue by myself and will need some help.

    I have an Opel corsa city 1.4L engine x14 SZ from 1996 probably around 250,000km.

    I have the engine light on and the error code P0505 - Idle Air control - Not present.

    I thus changed the idle valve but after that instead of having the idle at around 900rpm, I have now an idle at 1,500rpm and still the same error code P0505 and engine light on.

    I cleaned all the throttle body with clean carb.

    As the high idle could also be due to some vaccum leak, I changed 2 air hoses which had some surface cracks then checked vacuum leak using a spray detector without finding any air leak.

    After this I also changed the MAP sensor since I read that it could be faulty without always giving its own error message.

    However this did not change anything at all since my idle is still high and the P0505 always come back.

    I also changed the lambda sensor.

    I read on a forum that when changing the idle valve, it is required to reset the idle valve using a Tech 1 diagnostic tool. I could not find one to purchase on line.

    I tried to unplug the battery overmight since it seems to reset the ECU but this did not work.

    I do have a Vaux-com and there are some special function like "Reset Idle Adjust" but I don't have a manual (I could not find it online either) and could not figure it out how to use this function since I was not able to enter a value to define the idle.

    Thanks in advance for your help,