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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Clutch problems

    Hi guys
    Corsa d 1.2 2012
    Car was going in gear fine. Next minute no gears at all. Grinding trying to get in gear. Finally got 2nd gear to get me home. While sat in traffic I kept it in gear just pushed the clutch in. Car would still go forward like an automatic. As soon as I got home I decided to check the gears and its all back to normal. Any help on this would be great

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    Sounds like the clutch hydraulics are leaking.

    With hydraulic leaks,( Including brakes,) you can sometimes get a temporary improvement by rapidly pumping the pedal a few times to prime the system. This 'priming' effect may be the reason why the car is now temporarily behaving itself . But its not a cure. Its likely to fail again quite soon.

    The leak may be a leaking clutch master cylinder, which is near the clutch pedal , or a leaking hydraulic line leading to the clutch (This may be a leaking rubber 'O' ring seal. ) Inspect these for any signs of leaking hydraulic fluid. There are tutorial videos onyou tube. .

    Check the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Any drop means its leaking, even if you cant find the leak

    Unfortunately the third possibility is the clutch slave cylinder. This is inside the clutch bell housing ,and hydraulically releases the clutch Replacing this requires separating the gearbox from the engine , very much the same work required for replacing the whole clutch. Indeed having dismantled the car it is false economy just to replace the slave cylinder. Its sensible to take this opportunity to replace the whole 3 part clutch at the same time (this includes the slave cylinder)

    If you find the external master cylinder or hydraulic line leaking its fine to go ahead and do these. They will need doing anyway If you cant find any external leaks its probably going to be the slave cylinder ,but it might be worth getting an experienced mechanic to double check this first in case you have missed anything before going ahead with the more expensive work.
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