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Diagnosing Fuel Too Lean and Temperature Light on Corsa D 2011 - 2014

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Diagnosing Fuel Too Lean and Temperature Light on Corsa D 2011 - 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    I have recently been enjoying driving my first car, a Corsa D 2011 model . Unfortunately I've had a couple of warning lights flash up, so I would like to learn about what could be wrong with my car. If feasible I will try to fix it myself and save me some monies.

    I've had a triple threat of warning lights: the check engine light, servicing light and coolant temperature light . This is paired with an unresponsive gas pedal when I first start the car, but gets better as it warms up. I plugged in an OBD2 tool and the error code said the fuel to air ratio in the engine was too lean, I've read that this is probably caused by a vacuum leak in the system. I struggled to locate any specific leak spots (tutorial videos suggest listening out and also spraying water on lines to see if RPM decreases). I did notice when the engine was switched on and unscrewing the engine oil cap that the cap was being sucked back on, suggesting a vacuum in the cylinders. I have also seen a tutorial video that had the same issue and claimed to be caused by the PCV / EVAP valve. And I have also read that it could be due to a faulty EGR valve. - I would like to test my hypothesis before committing to buying replacements. Any advice on how to check if these components are causing the issue?

    The coolant temperature light starts flashing once I start the engine, causing the fans to turn on. I have topped up my coolant to the fill level. There is no gauge so I can't see what the exact temperature is . I don't think it is any issue with circulation because I have seen that coolant flows and sprays into the coolant container. Also, I can feel the connected tubes heat up as circulating. And, when driving the car the warm air setting blasts through no problem. This leads me to think the issue is with a faulty thermostat or faulty temperature sensor. - What does anyone else think?

    Any diagnostic advice and information on my car troubles would be massively appreciated! Cheers

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    I cant help with diagnosis and fuel /air ratio problem beyond what you are already researching.

    You say you have topped up the coolant level. This level should not drop at all under normal circumstances , except maybe by a very small amount over a long period. If you have had to top up by a significant amount you may have a coolant leak somewhere.

    Low coolant from a leak may be the CAUSE of overheating , although, it could also be the RESULT of overheating from another cause such as a blocked radiator or thermostat. (with some coolant boiling over and escaping through the pressure release vent of the header bottle. )

    Have you checked for possible leaks, maybe from the water pump, hoses, radiator? Or a faulty header tank, or radiator cap could be leaking and preventing the coolant being pressurised which lowers the boiling point . Also check to see if there is any signs of coolant getting into the oil, or oil getting into the coolant. Coolant in the oil shows up as emulsified 'mayonnaise.' .You may find this inside the oil filler cap ,but a small amount of mayonnnaise here is normal from condensation on cold starts. But if it is excessive it could a sign of a headgasket problem.

    Incidentally there is an engine temperature gauge in the hidden dashboard menu . You can probably find how to access it by searching this site,at the top of the page. This will tell you the engine temperature the ECU is being told by the sensor - which as you say may be faulty. But if there was a significant loss of coolant then maybe the overheating alert was genuine.

    Edit , another thought. A lean fuel mixture can cause overheating. I dont know if this would be enough to be the cause of your overheating problem. But you may be lucky and fixing one thing solves the other But even so its still a good idea to check for coolant leaks and monitor coolant level for a while afterwards.
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      Thanks for the advice Bugman. It's been taken on board

      I've had a look for coolant leaks and not spotted any obvious sources. I'll keep an eye on the coolant level in case that lowers, in seems to have stayed the same level after driving it approx 30 miles. I've bitten the bullet and bought a thermostat so will get round to changing that this week.

      Will be checking the temperature using the dashboard menu, this video explains it quite well -