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Corsa D 2010 back brakes lock up before front brakes and brake pedal hard?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 2010 back brakes lock up before front brakes and brake pedal hard?

    Hi guys, be grateful if you can help me... Hoping to avoid going to garage for help because they see a girl coming and suddenly look like Simon Cowell when someone sings with voice of angel 🤑😂

    Anyway 😬

    I left my Corsa parked up for fortnight with no problems... When I drove it again, brake pedal was hard. Car isn't tugging to the side when braking but pedal constantly feels like it does if you pump it when ignition off. Servo seems to be working but I only have basic mechanical knowledge. There is give in the pedal when you start car. Pedal remains hard thereafter.
    Calipers appear rusty but sliders move freely. Piston only comes out a little when stripped and i push brake pedal.
    When driving and i brake hard the back brakes lock up and pedal judders.
    Can anyone please advise me what this could be?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.
    Simon Cowell types must be one of the downsides of being a girl . If its any consolation, even old male codgers can get certain elements of the treatment at garages.(Especially when I sing )

    At least you speak the right language- servo, calipers,sliders,piston ,which can help. It can be quite satisfying when you can bring the sanctimonious ones down a peg or two , even better when you can tear them up for bog paper.

    From what you say it sounds like you have already had the brake pads out . There would be very little movement otherwise. Its possible the pistons are clogged up with corrosion and brake dust. This can be more of a problem with cars that get little use or a driver who is habitually light on the brakes .

    Try cleaning the calipers, pistons etc with some brake cleaner spray , and even a good hosing down with water and a soft brush might help. (But be careful of a pressure washer or using a wire brush which may damage rubber seals). Then take the car somewhere safe for a good "Italian Tune up " with some very hard braking to try help free up moving parts.. But even if this improves things for a time its best not to take any chances with brakes...Its a good idea to get them checked out by an expert.

    The brake pedal juddering may well be the ABS system doing its job properly . If it detects an imbalance of braking efficiency, side to side or front to back, it will try to correct it by rapidly applying and releasing the brakes. Many drivers have never experienced ABS activating (on slippery roads etc) It can be quite alarming the first time it happens.


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      Hi Welcome to forum. Firstly when you brake hard and the wheels lock up ,the ABS will kick it and cause the pedal to shudders. This is how the ABS Works . The first thing to check is to see if the Servo is working. Push the brake pedal down and hold it there then start the car and the pedal should travel a little bit more down. If it does then the Servo is working. Other things it could be, one of the rear wheel cylinders has seized You would have to take the rear drums of and push the piston both sides to see if they have movement. Another thing it could be is the load equaliser valve if fitted . On the back axle. These some time jam .
      if you have Rear Drum brakes I think this will be the best place to start.