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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Judder When Stopping


    Every now and then my Corsa C 2016 seems to jolt slightly when I come to a stop. It seems to jolt from the engine. The car doesn’t move and the Rev counter remains completely still at idle. This happens wether in gear or idle. Does anyone have any advice?


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    It might help to narrow down the possibilities with more detail of the judder/jolt. Does it only occur while you are braking to a stop, or does something continue to be 'wrong ' while stationary and idling ?

    Does "the car doesnt move" mean there is no excessive vibration of the car or the engine while idling ,or something else ?

    Does "whether in gear or idle" mean whether you are braking to a stop as normal in gear,and depressing the clutch at the last moment or braking to a stop but with the car slipped into neutral and coasting the last few metres as you brake - . ( Any jolt while braking to a stopwith the car out of gear would tend to point more towards a problem with brakes or suspension as the engine,clutch and gearbox are partly isolated . ) Or does it mean you can still detect some juddering or difference for a period after you have come to a stop,which does not alter whether in gear or neutral?

    Does the gear lever move about at all while under acceleration, or easing off? This could indicate a problem with an engine or gearbox mounting bracket allowing the engine to twist more than it should . Does the engine move about more than expected if you rev it up? (The rubber engine and gearbox mounts do allow some movement)

    What engine size?
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