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Corsa 2016 MOT Fail Top Mount???

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa 2016 MOT Fail Top Mount???

    I was wondering if you could please assist with my query.
    I am the owner of a vauxhall Corsa 2016 with only just 23000 miles on the clock.
    My cars MOT had failed because of Offside Front Macpherson strut mounting likely to fail Top mount.
    My cars is not used much only short trips such as from home to town.
    Upon reading about this issue online it seems like this is a common issue?? And that this is perfectly normal and that a small amount of movement is normal.
    If you go on the link below and read one of the forums for this problem it seems to be normal and nothing wrong with this part. ... m?t=102405

    My MOT failed due to this part and was told to purchase a new one for it to pass. I had to purchase a new strut mount and the garage charged to fit this in.
    I always keep my car maintained and I knew when I took the car to the MOT garage there was nothing wrong with it and should pass straight through.

    It seems like the garage charged me for unnecessary costs/repairs to my vehicle.

    I have obtained the original part for my car from the garage and can see absolutely nothing at fault with the part.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Here is the relevant section (5.3.4) of the government mot testers manual. 5. Axles, wheels, tyres and suspension - MOT inspection manual: cars and passenger vehicles - Guidance - GOV.UK

    In particular its says "Many MacPherson strut top bushes are designed to have significant lateral play when the suspension is hanging free. You should only reject MacPherson strut top bushes when play is due to wear or maladjustment."

    I am not an authorised MOT tester but I know many checks done under the mot are subjective, ie its the opinion of the tester as to what movement etc is acceptable. But as the bush appears to be undamaged it does seem quite likely the MOT tester has missed this exclusion and should not have failed the car.

    If you havnt already done so you could try confronting the garage again with this specific evidence that their MOT tester appears to need further training and experience. Or at the very least to read the mot testers manual again.

    I dont know what the legal position is but I'd like to think a reputable garage would admit ,and learn from ,their mistake and refund yours costs rather than you contacting VOSA (who oversee the training and authorisation of MOT testers )

    If they still refuse to make a refund ,or claim it was maladjusted etc (in which case why didnt they just adjust it -assuming such an adjustment is even possible- rather than replace an undamaged bush?) , maybe VOSA will be able to advise you further.

    Let us know how you get on

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      Excellent Bugman, thanks a lot for your help and reference manual link. I will try and see if vauxhall will look at the part for me and see if they agree with me that the part is fine.
      I think MOT is down to experience too that guy who tested it was young ish never saw him before.


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        Your reply was fast. I might have done made an edit in the meantime, but probably not major . You could try asking Vauxhall, They might give an unofficial informal opinion, but I doubt they would want to get too involved in a dispute.