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Air filter cause over heat ?

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  • Air filter cause over heat ?

    I thought i would try a few bits on my
    I changed the air filter which I got off europarts and it came with a white fleece type layer stuck solid to the bottom.
    I wasn't sure if I should take it off or not and I saw on a youtube video the guy left it on.
    Took car for a spin tonight got out and the fan was on and he smelled bit hot. Drove home and the same. Its never come on before.
    I took filter out and ripped off the white stuff and took for a spin and it the fan didn't come on so hopefully that is it.
    The old one didn't have any thing stuck to it
    Wish I had a temp gauge. Other wise how do you know its over heating until its to late.
    I have since found the temp on the dash using the press it 4 times etc and since removing the white stuff it is now running 80-90c and so far seems ok. Though its early days

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    A blocked air filter can cause some overheating due to changing the air/fuel mixture so the engine is running too rich. But its not high on the list of possible causes. I am surprised that a new filer,even with with the extra fleece layer would have made that much difference, compared to the old one that came off ,which was presumably partly blocked with dirt.

    It would be a good idea to also check for other possible causes of overheating . Has there been any loss of coolant? If you had to top the system up after this overheating episode dont assume it was all lost as a result of overflowing. An existing low coolant level might have been the CAUSE, not the result. If so the topping up might be the (temporary) cure , and removing the fleece might just be co incidence. Or has there been a significant change in the weather temperature, then and now?

    Keep an eye on it . Not just the secret temperature display but do regular visual checks under the bonnet on coolant level, looking for leaks etc.

    Personally i always found temperature gauges a mixed blessing. Temperature often goes up quite alarmingly in heavy traffic ,or climbing long hills, and you can become fixated on them and unduly alarmed. Then not notice when they actually do show an unexpected problem. On some cars the temperature gauge can actually start to go down just before disaster strikes because there is no longer enough coolant left to cover the sensor.

    Euro car parts (,and others) , do include some filters of dubious quality in their line up. Some cheap 'no name' air filters do come with this extra fleece Layer. I think its a very crude way of making a course pre filter layer to keep out dead moths, leaves etc.before the fine filter layer. Its intended to be installed. If it really has caused this much affect on your engine i would seriously consider replacing the filter with a good quality one such as mann. But beware, even top brands can be faked, so only buy from an established reputable supplier , not just a temptingly cheap price on ebay. Never buy a cheap OIL filter btw. These can break up internally and cause untold damage.

    On the following pdf you can see how Mann (one of the best filter makers) do it properly with a layered filter medium.

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      Ah thank that is interesting. I drove it twice with the fleece in and each time only short trips it got hot. I have removed it the fleece that is and driven it say 3 or 4 times up steep hill as well and it the fan has no longer come on.
      The filter I bought was a Crosland Air Filter the cheapest option so in hind site that might not have been best idea. The coolant level is fine and no leaks. I might get a better brand of filter now you have said. As you say the old was was full of a dust and good few years old so for the new one to be worse with the fleece on at least don't say much


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        The mann filter is a tenner more at 25.00 but has no fleece so i will get it I think


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          I only used Mann as an example.There may be other brands equally as good. But Crosland is NOT one of them. The British filter maker Crosland, founded in 1955, went bust many years ago. The Brand name is, I believe, now owned by a Chinese company, who are thus able to sell their normal low budget filters as genuine Crosland at a premium price. .They just need to maintain a website implying a continuous history,research and reputation dating back to 1955 , and print the logo on the box. They might also r sell the same filter using a different brand name that may be better known in a particular market , or sell the same thing as a cheaper 'no name' product. Many once famous and well regarded automotive brands are no longer what they seem. You need to do research

          European Car parts make much use of discount codes. 50 % off for first time customers, 40% off at weekends, 30% off particular brands etc. You need to be careful you are not paying the full price. The available discount may not appear on their web site. A good way of checking is using a free, independent discount code site. And even with a discount there is still room for other suppliers to undercut them. (I did a bit of research a while back and was shocked to find the wholesale price of spin on oil filters, from China starts at about 15 p each !! )
          If you have a particular brand in mind it s a good idea to google for the best price on that brand. I was able to save quite a few quid over ECP discounted prices by buying some brake parts and oil filters from Germany, with equally fast delivery.


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            Excellent advice thank you. Just picked up a mann airfilter to pop and will be returning my crossland oil filer and get a Mann one


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              Well that was surprise the bloody mann has a fleece too. Fitted it any way and if car gets hot then it don't like fleeces been perfect with out a fleece on. Bit bit weird. See how shes goes tomorrow


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                Got early start in morning so took her for test now nice run steep hill and cool as cucumber with mann in and its fleece so yea thumbs down on crossland . At least I know now