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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Help

    I have a 2014 Vauxhall corsa and two months ago the car began failing to go into gear, there are no recognisable times when this will happen. I have done long trips and the car has driven fine and then the next day the car is awful to drive having to force the car into gear and it completely failing to do so. it has been to three garages the first said there was no issue. around the same time the cruise control no longer works.
    the second ( a Vauxhall garage) found no issue but changed the linkage, the car still shows the same fault.
    now the car is in the third garage another Vauxhall garage and they've changed the clutch at a handsome £1200.
    drove it home and the car still had the same issue, I am losing my mind as they are saying there is nothing wrong when clearly, there is. the car is back in the garage but I am losing my mind.
    I just wondered if this has happened to any body else.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. As you have had most things changed that I would suggest ie linkage and clutch. Its either going to be something in the gearbox or the hydraulics on the clutch pedal.
    I presume the Garage changed all three parts of the clutch.


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      Hello restorer, they just said the whole clutch, and for the price I assume they have yes.


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        Ok . Could be the master cylinder then on the back of the clutch pedal.


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          The garage have just called and they’re handing back tomorrow morning, so fed up I’ve spent £1200 for my car to still be broken.


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            Does 'handing back' mean, they've found the cause and fixed it , or just they are stumped and hope you will just go away. ? Like restorer I would suggest a problem with the clutch master cylinder at the pedal end , which i believe you are now aware was the cause in another thread.

            If an amateur mechanic like me knows this is a possible cause, you would think a professional mechanic at a main dealers should do as well.

            If the master cylinder is the cause you could argue they were negligent in not spotting it sooner , maybe even before replacing the linkage and clutch. But i dont have the experience to say for sure how easy it might be to spot, or to what extent an independent expert would blame them for any misdiagnosis. (or a more experienced mechanic at the same dealership)

            If you (politely) make a fuss you might shame them into sorting things F.O.C ,or at a better price or giving a discount on work they need not have done .They might do this as a gesture of goodwill, without actually admitting any fault or liability. - although they may argue the linkage and clutch were worn,and needed doing soon anyway. ( Which may be true.)

            Unfortunately main dealers (main stealers) have high overheads and are overpriced and dont always have as much expertise as you might expect. They tend to be more concerned with commercial targets than goodwill towards private customers. With a 6 year old car you would probably find a cheaper price and better customer service from an independent garage, keen to maintain a good reputation . Ideally one that is a vauxhall specialist . (these often use Vauxhall trained staff)

            Garages do tend to try and blind you with science and jargon, to deprive you of more cash and excuse any mistakes. Its always a good idea to do a bit of research if you can , such as learning the meaning of 3 part clutch , master and slave cylinder etc , and maybe brush up on your consumer rights.

            If you have to get the car fixed at another garage and they say the fault should have been obvious to the other garage, it might be worth speaking to citizens advice or trading standards to see what they advise .

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