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engine problem corsa D

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] engine problem corsa D

    hi guys i got a corsa 1.3 cdti and i have huge loss off power with her i did an engine rebuilt and changed the turbo but i still got the problem , it's between 1k-2.5k rpm i got no power then it's like an explosion she start accelerating normally etc i really don't know what's the problem it's making me crazy if anyone has a solution it would be really helping

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.
    could it be the EGR Valve or even the opening block where the EGR valve sit on the manifold. I had a corsa Diesel once that was down on power in that range 1.5k - 2k . And when I removed the inlet manifold it was partially block both ends.


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      oh thanks mate i'll try to remove the egr and clean even if i'm just beginnerin mechanics i'll to watch some diy and see how it goes