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  • [Non Corsa] Steel wheels

    I'm looking to fit a set of steel wheels to my car, but I can't find any in the size I want (17") with the right centre bore. Would spigot rings do the same job on steels as they do on alloys? My bore is 63.4, everything else is larger.
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    So long as the wheel bolts secure the wheel properly having a too large centre bore won't matter, other than being a bit less convenient when fitting the wheels.

    eg - Rosstyle wheels - the centre bore stands proud of the hub and doesn't even touch it.
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      I thought you aren't supposed to have the weight of the car on the bolts? Only ever the hub.


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        Not always on steels - a lot of them don't even have the centre bore in contact with the hub anyway. Even those where the hub is located in the central bore of the wheel the clearance is often quite large.

        Look at this photo of the back of a Rostyle wheel - the central bore is filled with a decorative cap, the entire central cross section sits well clear of the hub. All the weight is on the bolts.

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