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Corsa B Front Brake Hose Removal

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  • Restorer
    If they are like the Normal brake pipes. There is a horse clip slid into the groove, that holds it to the bracket . Slacken the nut on the metal pipe first. Then lever the horse clip off with a screwdriver. Spray a bit off WD40 around the clip will help it come lose and slid off . Then fully undo the nut . And wiggling the flex hose should pull down through.

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  • insignia28
    started a topic [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B Front Brake Hose Removal

    Corsa B Front Brake Hose Removal


    I'm sure this has been answered before, and its probably an easy job, but i need help. I have a Haynes manual and I was going to replace my 1.7D front brake hoses as they are starting to corrode and the rubber perish. I have no issues with getting them off the Calipers but how on earth do you get them off at the top, where they coonect to the brake pipes?? They appear to be inside the brackets and i cant see a way to remove them from them. the new ones I've ordered have a groove in them, as if they should slide into the brackets, but i must be missing something.

    Any help is appreciated or a link to a video etc