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Corsa 1.2 petrol "filter in top of engine"

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa 1.2 petrol "filter in top of engine"

    Hi, posting on behalf of a friend who has a 58 plate 1.2 Corsa. A garage has told her these engines have a filter in the top of the engine that blocks causing oil leaks? I've had a quick look and it looks like the rocker cover gasket and or the oil pressure switch, so I'm going to renew both for her whilst doing a basic service, couldn't spot any obvious filter (other than oil and air of course) but maybe a breather somewhere - anyone out there aware of "this filter at top of engine". Also under the oil filler cap is some mayo, the car gets regular good runs, and there is no oil or water loss, do they suffer with this or run cold? cheers John

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    A small amount of mayo is not uncommon on these engines. Each cold start inevitably causes some water vapour for a short time that can mix with oil vapour to make a bit of mayo . As long as the amount its not excessive and confined to the filler cap it should be ok. If mayo is evident in the oil its self or on the dipstick or there is oil or coolant loss you may need to think again.

    Rocker gaskets and oil pressure switches can leak oil. But personally I wouldnt change either unless they are actually leaking. The replacements are not an improvement and just as likely to leak. Better the devil you know.

    Not sure what the garage mean by a 'filter' on top of the engine' I suspect they mean the pcv valve. This is a breather valve that releases crankcase gases back into the engine air intake as an emmissions control so it is reused rather than released straight back into the atmosphere. These gases can contain oil mist and its possible the valve and its associated pipework can get oily over time and leak some oil.

    Its not a bad idea to change the PCV valve as a precaution about every 30,000 miles as a service item , checking also that associated the pipework is not persished or split .

    Others may be able to suggest something else I may have missed.


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      Thanks Bugman, both look to be leaking so will replace. I would have thought with regular 24 mile trips, daily to work i'm advised, that the mayo shouldn't have formed. No mayo or contamination anywhere else. So i'll check the stat when dropping the oil and filter, and refill with correct coolant and oil. thanks for the info on the pcv valve, is that the same as an egr valve? cheers John


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        Hi. There will always be a bit of mayo on the oil filler cap. The way these engines breathe. The filter, the Garage my be referring to is the metal gauze built into the rocker cover. The only way to clean them is to remove the rocker cover and let paraffin run through the pipes and outlets.
        also check the oil pressure switch, top left on the engine. Very common leak on the corsa. And if not noticed early. Will spray oil all over the engine.


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          PCV and EGR valves are not the same thing although they both recycle emissions. The EGR recycles exhaust gases so is quite robust. The PCV just recyles the excess ,escaped engine breathing fumes that escape into the crankcase. The pcv valve and its pipes are plastic for the most part and recycles fumes back into the engine air intake so its burnt again. These fumes can make the pipes oily which might leak at joints. Any oil leaks might be slight but unsightly and might eventually cause clogging, or the pipes to perish. The pipe is under vacuum and any problem may trigger an engine fault code.