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corsa c misfire when cold

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] corsa c misfire when cold

    Hello i been having a problem with my corsa c i had car mechanic come look at it he said it was a temperature sensor so i got it changed was still running the same he said a new error came up saying all 4 cylinders was misfiring he done a compression check of all 4 cylinders and said they are fine and said it was a coil pack so changed that and gave it a full service and it still the same.

    My car is a 1.2 16v 52 plate

    can anyone please help thanks
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    I've had a few misfires on these which weren't the usual suspects (ie plugs, coilpack, compressions) and it's turned out to be a sticking EGR valve. Worth giving it a clean, and consider replacing the gasket with a blanking plate whilst you're at it.

    The other possible cause is dirty or failing injectors. But unusual for all four to play up at once. Check the wiring connections on them and give them a good spray with WD40.
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      Ok thanks for the help

      ]"]Photo Storage

      is that the EGR valve next to the oil filter ?
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        Yes - though the actual activating mechanism is missing.

        It should look like this

        Which makes me suspect it's been a problem before. You may find it's blanked off already, but you'd need to remove it to check.
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          Ok just look no loom plug there for it

          /image_zps45e64f81.jpg.html]"]Photo Storage

          /image_zpsffd6ae91.jpg.html]"]Photo Storage
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            whilst speculation - could it be an elecrical fault leading to the misfire ?

            No connector/wiring for EGR = something dodgey = shorting = misfire problem ??????


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              I don't think it can be electrical problem as when it warms up it fine


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                Have a look around. I've seen them like that and what people do is to tuck the valve actuator underneath somewhere, still connected to the loom. That prevents the ECU throwing a fault code as it thinks the EGR is still operational.
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                  Ok where is the valve actuator ?


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                    Anyone else know what it could be ??


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                      did you find the actuator and connector?


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                        no i don't know where the actuator is

                        i got a video of the car i will upload it to youtube now and link it here so you can see it


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                          Corsa c 1.2 16v - YouTube


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                            near impossible to remotely diagnose

                            I'd start by looking for the egr wiring and connector

                            Sound rough - does it quieten down when warm? Sounds ike more than a misfire


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                              Got the mechanic looking at it tomorrow again as engine management light came up i did look for the wiring and connector didnt find it anyway.

                              It start of rough then when it warn up it fine could sound rough as centre box is blowing