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Corsa D 1.4 auto check engine light p0171

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 1.4 auto check engine light p0171

    Hi all , looking for some help and advise.

    My parents have a Corsa D 1.4 auto . The engine light keeps coming on and I had the code read at an electricians that said p0171 bank 1.

    The car runs perfect , no misfires, no loss of power, no start up problems. In fact it's a 2010 model with only 25000 on the clock ( supermarket runs and odd day out etc.) And everything is in as new condition.

    I'm struggling to find the problem 😣 . I have tried cleaning the mas airflow sensor , checked what I could but I'm no mechanic haha , it's due for its service soon so will check fuel filter but still have no idea how to fix it.

    If anyone knows of a fix any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    From your mention of airflow sensor and ,fuel filter it appears you have already done some research.

    A common cause of P0171 is a faulty PCV valve. This is a positive crankcase ventilation system. In an internal combustion engine the fuel /air mix is sucked in, compressed, ignited to provide power and spent gases blown out of the exhaust. (you can learn more by googling 'Suck,squeeze,bang,blow ') These are powerful forces and some oily, partly burned gases inevitably escape into the crankcase rather than down the exhaust pipe . In the 'old days' this was allowed to vent into the open air and escape. But pollution control now requires this escaped crankcase gas to be recycled back into the cars air intake and consumed again.

    Problem is the optimum ratio for perfect combustion is 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel. If the engine were allowed to suck in as much air as it wanted from the crankcase (or through air leaks in pipes used in the recycling system) there will sometimes be too much air for the fuel ratio which will be detected as a lean burn by the O2 sensor. The vacuum air sucking ability of the engine varies depending on revs. The PCV valve regulates and limits how much crankcase gas it can consume.

    The crank case gases can be quite oily. The pcv valve contains a diaphragm membrane, and the systems pipes are rubber. These can perish in time. Although the car has only done 25k miles it is also 10 years old.
    Things might appear to be in good condition but actually a car that only does 2.5 k miles a year with short journeys is actually operating under harsh conditions. Most engine damage occurs while the engine is running cold. with exhaust pollutants, condensation etc at their worst, with few opportunities of any build up in pipes being given a good 'blow through.

    There are ways of checking whether the pcv is working properly , checking for vacuum leaks on its pipework etc, But i dont know the engine well enough to give a tutorial. Others on here may have better ideas or able to help. You may find a tutorial on you tube or other sites. But some folk recommend changing the PCV as a routine service item at 30K miles . Worth doing anyway ,and it might solve the problem.

    You could also add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to the fuel tank . Look for one that claims results with one dose Some are less powerful and intended for long term prevention rather than a cure.

    A full service, cleaner and new PCV are a good idea anyway , but if you still have problems it could be a faulty O2 sensor or something else. A garage with the right test equipment may be able to do a full trim level analysis , which may identify the cause and might work out cheaper than replacing things that were not needed.

    Let us know how you get on.


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      Thank you , I will follow your recommendation of the pcv valve .

      Also another small question , is it normal to hear a release of air/gas coming from the engine when you switch off the egnition, it lasts about 5-7 seconds.


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        Hi Welcome to the forum. P0171 Code means lean on Bank 1. Usually it's the purge valve . It's right on top of the inlet manifold, to the left with a hard plastic pipe and a electrical connection. Spray some brake cleaner around it .to check for any air leaks. The engine Revs will slightly rise up if there is a leak and the engine is sucking in the brake cleaner. If theres no air leaks .it will be the valve its self. Sometimes theres a loud ticking noise coming from the valve.


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          Hi just seen your reply. Check if the gas noise is coming from the cam cover valve . Its just behind the yellow oil filler cap on the cam cover. Rub your fingers round it. And see if its sucking in any Air .


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            Hi thanks I just checked this and I can't feel any air being sucked in or and clicking noises. The EVs stay steady and constant.


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              Ok where do you think the air gas noise is coming from?


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                I just had another look around under the bonnet, the air noise is from the area where the solenoid valve is on the back right , I also noticed a pipe that says ABA on the sticker has a large split in it and you can feel the air when your finger is on and off it . So tapped it up with black tape for now and going to take it in the morning to have it looked over and pipe changed . I will keep updating as I go along.

                I appreciate All your help


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                  So turns out I have 3 splits in the pipe pictured with label ABA on it apparently only on automatics , problem is I have no idea what it is or any part number .

                  Does anyone know what this is ? I have googled but can't find pictures of it .

                  Sorry of I am being a pleb.


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                    Sorry I dont know. Automatics are a mystery to me. It could be the source of a vacuum leak that has caused the P0171 . But strange its only on automatics. If it were connected to the easytronic automatic gear changes /(vacuum assistance maybe) I'd have thought that would be affected too.

                    Can you find any GM part number on it? If so try googling that number.


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                      I did some digging and found what it is , problem is there is no where online that sells the pipes . So looks like I will be taking a trip to vauxhall


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                        Even a vauxhall main dealer may have to order it from Opel in Germany. Even though its right hand drive specific .

                        Have you tried Autovaux? They specialise in genuine GM spares cheaper than main dealer prices. They probably wont have it in stock, but if you contact them (if its still possible) with the part number they might offer to get one for you at a better price - Or they might not ! Search results for: 'brake servo pipe'