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Corsa dies instantly after starting

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa dies instantly after starting

    Hi folks.

    I have an old (2005) Corsa c 1.2 eco thingy. Never had any problems with it until about 4 weeks ago when it just wouldn't start. I thought it might be the battery and as I am currently furloughed was in no rush to get a jump to try it but having tried that is obviously something else. The engine starts but dies instantly after a quick rev. I'm a bit skint due to my work situation so was hoping someone might know what's causing it and if it's not too big a job I could try and sort it myself. Checked the fuel pump fuse and relay and they are fine.

    Anyone any ideas?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. It could be the crank sensor. Very common on the corsa. To change it , you need to get under the car. It's just under the starting motor, on the engine block. Held on by one bolt E 10. If you can't get the socket on the head of the bolt .I think a 8mm ring spanner will fit. Once you get the bolt out . You need to get a pair of mole grips on it and twist and pull it out . Check that the rubber seal comes out with it.


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      Try simply unplugging the afm meter. Free to try. Then restart. See it it runs (all be it in limp mode)


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        I still think it's the crankshaft sensor. If you watching the video. The Rev counter doesn't move. That tells me the crank sensor isn't sending a message to the ECU, that the engine is running.