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Corsa d no throttle response

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa d no throttle response

    Hi new to this club but I need some advice please. I have a Corsa d 1.2 sxi twinport 2008 had a new engine but out of a Corsa c (same engine code z12xep) fitted it it ran great for 2 days but now I have no revs at all IV changed pedal and throttle body but still the same does any1 know any other problems can cause this

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.
    I presume you changed the inlet manifolds over on the engine. As even know the engine codes are the same, there are different parts. MAP, EGR, IAT.
    You could try the relearn on the peddle and throttle body. By disconnecting the battery wait 30mins. For all the ECU to go to sleep. Then reconnect. Start the car on the key but don't touch the throttle pedal, and let the car idle for 2mins.


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      Hi thanks and yea it's original inlet all working befor engine swap it was running great for 2 days then just no throttle wen I came bk to car


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        Ok, try the relearn I suggested .


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          It seems odd to me that it worked to start with, but within two days, started to play up.
          I am wondering if there is an electrical connection that has become disconnected, or has dirty contacts.