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  • [Corsa B] Bogging down

    Hi all I have a 1999 corsa 1.0 12v with just over 45k on clock I'm having a warm starting issue I believe it's the crank sensor but I'm also getting a problem when I'm putting my foot down it Boggs out just wondering if the crank sensor would cause this problem aswell. Have had it on a diagnostic before but I dont really know what I'm looking at I'm good with spanners but when it comes to electrics no good. Any help/advice would be much appreciated cheers.

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    The crankshaft sensor could be the cause of the warm start. That is the first signs of the crankshaft sensor breaking down. But I don't think it will be the cause of the loss of power. If it's got a MAF sensor in the Air induction system. Try unplugging it and see if that works.


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      Changed the maf sensor for a known good 1 from another car tried unplugging the old 1 before hand but made no difference. When the engine is cold I can floor it and it picks up but Boggs out when warm but not all time stripped everything off and cleaned it took idle control valve apart regreased the cogs cleaned egr.


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        Sometimes when its boggs out eml comes on and goes into limp mode for about 10 sec then light goes off but doesn't record any codes