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Sump removal issue Corsa D

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    What I would do is checked the oil filter. As you have removed the timing chain cover with the oil pump in. I presume you changed the oil and filter. But something could of dislodge and block the filter. What year is the corsa?


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      it’s a 63 plate - i didn’t replace the oil, I dropped it into a clean pan and re used it as it was only serviced a month before the breakdown.

      I read a post about not fitting the timing chain cover correctly by locating it on the dowels. It was definitely fitted in line with the dowels (and i don’t understand how it could be mid aligned anyway as screws wouldn’t go in....?)

      The only other thing is I used hylomar to seal the sump - it wasn’t excessive but the pick up filter is on the sump face.

      It certainly sounds as if it’s running ‘dry’ or at least restricted oil as it has that ‘sound’.

      Like I say, it was fine for 150 + miles

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