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08 corsa d turns over but will not start (limp mode) HELP!

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  • [Corsa D] 08 corsa d turns over but will not start (limp mode) HELP!

    Really pulling my hair out about this Corsa I bought privately 2 weeks ago. Basically, I was driving home from work and the car went into limp mode. Following this the car would turn over but not start, if I were to charge the battery for an hour the car would then start (as i said the car would turn over before) so confused to why it would start after the battery had been charged, when car was plugged in there was no issue with the voltage from alternator and battery. I had the car plugged in and faults picked up were Capacity of voltage, fuel filter and 02 heater sensor, fuel filter was changed. Took it to a garage and the guy diagnosed why the car was getting put into limp mode - because the waste gate had seized. But can this cause the car not to start? I am going to try and sort out the waste gate and see if this sorts it but from my research it shouldn't have anything to do with the car starting. Any ideas or tips are welcome!!!
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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with the VXR . But I'm sure the waste gate would not stop the engine from starting. But would put it into limp mode. When you are charging the battery do you disconnect it? If so that could be the reason,by disconnecting the battery you are clearing the limp mode


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      You say there was no issue with the voltage from the alternator when plugged in yet one fault was 'capacity of voltage'. I dont know exactly what that means, but it sounds like a voltage/battery problem to me.

      The ecu relies on getting very precise voltage and resistance readings from sensors ,If the battery has an internal fault such as a failing cell it may be giving fluctuating voltages. This alone might be enough to put the car into limp mode, and if the ecu is still not happy with the readings its getting it may not allow the car to start. Or it may need resetting.

      Its quite possible the battery gives satisfactory voltage readings while the car is under test, or recently recharged but vehicle movement or the stress of starting might cause it to misbehave intermittently. Of course the waste gate may still need sorting.

      This is just an idea. Its not an area I know much about .I am not sure enough about my diagnosis for you to go out and buy a new battery (unless you know its on its last legs anyway) . But it might be a good idea to have the battery tested. , You may have done a simple test using a multimeter. It should be just over 12v at rest ,maybe 14 volts or so with the engine running. If its significantly less than 12v at rest a battery cell may be failing. But this simple test is not enough to give the battery the all clear. A battery specialist can do sophisticated tests under load conditions,cranking etc , which gives a much better idea of whether its faulty. They may do this free of charge, but of course they are hoping to sell you a battery, or carry out repairs.

      You could also check the battery connections are all clean and tight . The others may be able to make other suggestions.


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        If you have a voltmeter or multimeter, you can check the battery yourself:

        (1)Set a multimeter to 'volts' (if it has a range of voltages, set it to 20 volts)
        (2)Disconnect the coil pack to prevent the engine from starting
        (3)Connect the meter to the battery (red lead to + and black lead to -)
        (4)At that stage, the meter will probably read about 12 volts
        (5)Ask an assistant to turn the key to the 'start' position
        (6)With the starter turning the engine, the meter should read at least 9.5 volts

        If the voltage is below 9.5, disconnect the battery from the car and fully charge the battery.
        Allow it to stand for AT LEAST 24 hours
        Retest as above - If it now produces at least 9.5 volts under load, the battery is in at least a reasonable condition.
        If under 9.5v, replace the battery.

        Reconnect the coil pack

        If the test voltage now falls bellow 9.5 with the battery connected to the car, but held up OK when disconnected, you probably have what is termed a 'parasitic loss' - possibly caused by the radio, boot light or other item being left switched 'on.'