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Can anyone identify the cause / severity of this worn part of my engine?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Can anyone identify the cause / severity of this worn part of my engine?


    I just purchased a second hand Vauxhall Corsa Breeze (hatchback) 2005 1.0. Very happy with it, the only thing we've noticed is this part of the engine appears to be worn / corroded. Is this common / is it a serious problem? All the previous MOTs have been clear. Only has 28.3k miles on the clock.

    The previous owner did mention he had a leak at one point but took it to Vauxhall and that was fixed. No other problems as far as I know. We intend to give it a good clean this weekend as there appears to be leaves and other gunk stuck in there.

    Don't know anything about engines so apologies if this is a commonly asked or silly question!

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. That part you are looking at is made of cardboard. And is just a cover to pertect the injectors and its wiring. It could of got water damaged by rain water running off the inside of the Bonnet. Or because its low mileage and been parked up a while mice could have done the damage. Theres only two screws holding it on ,so quite easy to replace.


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      I think it mostly intended to hide things away.You do see cars running without it fitted,so dont worry too much if you cant find a replacement for a while, or at all. You could even make your own using the whats left of the cover as a template.Maybe using an old fibreboard suitcase from a junk shop. .(thats the sort of thing I do ! )

      Thats a lot of leaves.I wonder if its a wind tunnel there , or the mice brought their own bedding.

      As restorer says nesting rodents ,birds, insects etc can be a problem on a car thats not used much. Back in the 1980's/90's in continental europe they had a significant problem with Pine martens ,squirrels etc eating electrical cables on cars just parked overnight. Some makers, especially japanese ones used some sort of fish oil ingredient in wiring looms . But some do like to nibble anyway . Only last week our village free wifi hot spot was down because a pine marten ate the cable!
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        Thanks for the replies! We did think it might be birds or some form of animals, there's a lot of leaves in there. But reassuring to know it's nothing serious.


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          You may be able to find a used one one ebay. The difficulty is in knowing whats its called(cant help there) and its not the kind of thing many people think to list. Some people break whole cars,They often list them at 99p, (for which you would only get a wheel nut, ) but they will remove any part you ask for by negotiation.Unless you have a convenient local breakers yard who will do the same. Easier than making one from a suitcase or moulding one it in papier mache like an egg box and wafting it over with spray paint from poundland. Not so much fun though .


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            I would suggest that, as you have only just had the car, you give it a FULL service - it will love you for it!

            These are brilliant little engines and seem to run for ever PROVIDING that you change the oil and filter regularly 5,000 miles say, personally, I would change the oil and filter every 4,000 or once per year, depending which comes first. Failure to change the oil and filter WILL shorten the life of the engine.

            If you don't know the service history, I would recommend that you change the oil and filter now and then again in say, 2,000miles.