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Corsa 1.2 Sxi 2008 replacement engine questions

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa 1.2 Sxi 2008 replacement engine questions

    Thank you for reading this post, my sons Corsa engine as posted previously has failed loss of compression on one cylinder, burning oil and low compression on the other three cylinders. I have been looking on eBay for a second hand replacement & would like to clarify details on codes and compatibilities.

    Z12XEP LB4 is the full code as confirmed through the VIN number at Vauxhall

    what is the LB4 relating to?

    Am I for right in thinking as long as it's a Z12XEP the twin port engine it will be compatible

    Many listed are Z12XEP from a Corsa C that appear similar throttle bodies and air intake hoses e.t.c will this be the same?

    Will be looking at a new timing chain and looking at eBay again some sat there are different types of tensioner again is one better than the other?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The Z12XEP engine started on the 54 Plate corsa C. But you can only use a Z12XEP from a corsa D for your corsa as the inlet manifolds are different ,
    ECU and BCM . So use a engine out of a 2007- 2009 Z12XEP.


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      Sorry I dont know about different types of tensioner, but there are many different aftermarket brands. Some of the aftermarket sprocket and chain kits are rubbish , and will stretch and get noisy again very quickly. The same may be true of aftermarket tensioners and chain guides

      General advice is to fit genuine GM parts , or one that is OEM quality ( Original equipment makers.) OK its arguable even the GM chain didnt do that well either , but thats often because oil changes were neglected. With regular oil changes it can last 100K miles.

      Some of the guys recommend Auto Vaux who sell genuine vauxhall parts at a good price. Significantly cheaper than main dealers.

      If you decide to go aftermarket avoid any kits that are 'no name' If a brand name is given research it on line to see what is known about them. They may even be OEM Also if you google specifically for the parts from that maker you may find a cheaper supplier.

      The large on- line suppliers often play about with discount codes and things. Their advertised price may be high to allow for '50% off your first order', '35%off at weekends' ,special offers etc. which you may only get if you know about it and enter a code. These discount codes are often freely available .There are independent web sites that list them. Once you have a supplier in mind google to see if there are any current discount codes available for them. But even getting their best discount you may still find it cheaper elsewhere.


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        As it is very much easier to change the chain when the engine is out of the car, it makes a lot of sense to fit the best - As Bugman says, there is a lot of rubbish out there, and it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, personally, I would go for a genuine Vauxhall kit - it might cost you a little more but you could rest assured that it would last much longer. Again, as Bugman says, more frequent oil and filter changes are the answer to long chain life.

        You will find AutoVaux online.

        The main problem with second hand engines, is that you never quite know what you are buying, just because it looks nice and clean, doesn't mean to say that it is any better than the engine that has been removed.
        AS the existing engine is using oil and is down on compression, it is possible that it has one broken piston, but to decide if the compression loss is via the valves or the pistons, you could carry out a 'wet' test - placing about a tablespoonful of oil in each cylinder in turn and repeating the compression test. A significant increase in compression pressure would indicate loss via the pistons.

        Might it also be an idea to remove the cylinder head before taking out the engine and making an assessment before deciding whether to repair or replace?



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          Yeah sorry I missed the part about the timing chain, as others have said don't fit a cheap chain kit because it will be rattling again in a couple of months. I use BGA timing chain kits and there fine.


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            Thank you for your replies, to answer the questions on why we are moving away from spending time in taking the head off, the compression tests and the wet test did improve the compression readings.
            The oil burning and total loss on cylinder 3 points towards potentially more than a piston.

            The engine code is a misfire on cylinder 3.
            with a compression test

            dry. Cylinder 1 125. Cylinder 2. 200. Cylinder 3. 0 no compression. Cylinder 4. 125

            oil into plug hole Cylinder 1 150. Cylinder 2. 225 cylinder 3 0 no compression. Cylinder 2 175

            I have taken the cam cover off span the engine over on the starter and cams look ok. The engine does run, no blue smoke but this now seems to be the pressure forcing the oil out.
            It was burning at least a litre each 200 miles& blowing oil out of the seals expected to be piston blow by before the loss of compression on Cyl 3.

            We have ordered a second hand engine 2008 Corsa D as advised, a mechanic is going to fit it, as well as a clutch kit & timing chain, I have looked at EngineCare Parts on E Bay and they supply BGA kits for the chain, also at the Autovaux kits I am waiting for an engine Number to confirm suitability from the replacement engine.

            Thanks again for your help, will let you know how we get on.