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Corsa 2011 SRI CDTI making rattling/tapping noise please help!!!!

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa 2011 SRI CDTI making rattling/tapping noise please help!!!!

    I bought an 11 plate corsa sri diesel , was running fine then I noticed in a morning when I warm it up it’s making like a ticking noise on and off , it does do it sometimes when it’s warm but mainly when it’s cold. I had a look round and I thought it was the pulley on the aux belt cus it sounded around that area but replaced it last night tried this morning and same noise , I’ve recorded the noise and I’ll upload it , if anyone could have a listen, listen a couple times over as it’s only a short video you’ll here what I mean and I’m hoping someone might have an idea or similar problem? sounds a bit like when tappets go but it’s not tappets and it’s not water pump either. MANY THANKS the link is below it won’t let me upload it via page

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. It's difficult to hear from the video. But any rattling or ticking in that area is most likely to be the timing chain . Usually if you slightly increase the revs , which increases the oil pressure the noise goes away. That's all I can suggest without seeing or hearing the noise.


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      Does it make any difference if you put the air conditioning on? (or off if its already on. )

      My thinking is the A/C compressor has a small clutch contained within its drive belt pulley wheel that freewheels when the A/C is off so the compressor is not turning. This might be rattling .But the rattle might stop when the clutch is engaged (electrically) to drive the compressor.
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        Thanks for the responses, restorer this is the 1.7 cdti so its a timing belt not a chain. And that's a good shout cheers bugman will try this later!! ill send you a better video I got too cheers


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          Best of luck. I couldnt hear anything amiss tbh. Maybe move the camera between potential sources to see if there is any change in volume detectable. But beware of moving parts