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What coilovers would you recommend a corsa d vxr

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  • [Corsa D] What coilovers would you recommend a corsa d vxr

    Hi guys,

    I recently got myself a 2009 Corsa D VXR and would like to install some coilovers.. What would you guys recommend?

    Edit: what are peoples opinions on these Vauxhall Corsa Coilovers | Czok
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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    I have waited to see if anyone else has any specific knowledge and experience . The VXR is already upgraded to some extent and improvement will be harder to come by without some negatives on handling,ride comfort and practicability.

    My first though on the CZOK site is - How much ? Second thought was "Racing" . Great if you are only interested in track days ,but they may be horrible in the real world. And thats assuming the coilovers really deliver the hoped for improvement.

    Why not consider these . Vauxhall Corsa D VXR 07-14 Jom Coilovers Lowering Suspension Kit | eBay

    Ok they are used , but for a £100 or so you could see if coil overs really suit you and are worthwhile. Keep the old set just in case. Then maybe upgrade later with something better and sell that set again. (which may be why they are for sale)

    Sorry to be so negative. Suspension upgrades can be an expensive learning curve if you get it wrong. Fun though and there are worse ways of showing individuality and spending your money.


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      Yeah, they're not the cheapest tbf.

      I think you're right, starting with something more affordable is probably a better idea.

      Thanks for the advice.


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        Hopefully you may still find someone on a more specialist site who has done the job and can give better advice. But even they might think theirs is the bees knees because they paid a lot for a fashionable 'known' brand .They might only have paid more for to pay for the marketting hype and a fancy coat of paint.
        (I'm ever the cynic )
        Personally, if I were doing my own fitting (apart from any tracking checks) and there was no body of opinion saying one particular type or brand is the definateley superior, I would consider a cheaper option. The biggest problem is usually undoing old nuts and bolt, and a bit of a learning curve. If you need to do it again later it will be much quicker and easier. Replacing parts on a performance car is all part of the fun ,right? . If you are having to pay labour for fitting then maybe think twice about this approach.

        My only doubts with a used set is was it removed because it was rubbish Or did it contribute to the car being written off. Of course the best of sets are no substitute for driver skill.

        Let us know how you get on. Your experience,good or bad, may help others. You could maybe even do a 'project' with updates and photographs of your work in progress and mods.