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crankshaft locking on Z16SE

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  • crankshaft locking on Z16SE

    does anyone know a good way to lock to crankshaft on a Z16SE in order to tighten the pully bolt?

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT try using the crankshaft locking tool for this purpose - it is intended for engine timing work only and could easily shear if subjected to the torque that you will apply.

    The safest way is a bit of a pain, but is sure to do the job. This entails removing the starter motor and using a large screwdriver wedged into the ring gear teeth to lock the crankshaft - You could even fabricate a simple jig to bolt into one of the starter motor mounting holes.



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      good advice there I think. Thanks.
      I was trying to avoid removing the starter motor - but hey - the whole job is pig so i may as well go the extra mile;


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        I did not mention that it is on a Meriva and it looks like removing the starter motor is damn near impossible without removing the I/L manifold and that is an absolute pig - and as I have just put that back on I am not going to remove it again. There must be a better way to do this .


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          I don't know if it's the same on the 1600 as the 1400. But if you remove the crankshaft pulley there should be two large flats on the smaller pulley about 62mm .try holding it there


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            but the point it that I need to tighten up the pulley bolt.
            I will try putting the car in 5th, chocking the wheels and applying the brakes - then set to work with the torque wrench