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Knocking/Rattle when going over speedbumps

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  • [Corsa E] Knocking/Rattle when going over speedbumps

    HI all,

    New to the forum and have had a look around for this problem but not sure what might be wrong so here it goes:

    When driving over a speed bump, when coming off the bump there is a plastic-esque (? maybe metal) knock/rattle which seems to come from the front right side. When parking at work i had a quick look at the bumper, wheel and in the engine bay but could not see anything out of the ordinary, but then again only have the car for 2 weeks.

    It did not happen before either during the test drive and the 2 weeks we had it. If it happens on the way home I will have a better look.

    Any advice as to where to look?


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    As the problem came on suddenly (rather than developing over time) it sounds to me as if you have managed to damage the suspension whilst going over speed bumps - They, along with the dreaded pot holes are responsible for the majority of suspension damage.

    The most likely problem is a broken coil spring - hundreds of these are replaced each week, regardless of make or model, but all down to the state of our roads these days.

    It might be safer to ask a reputable garage to have a look at it for you - Avoid the tyre bay type of establishment and, where possible Main Dealerships. Its better to ask other people for a recommended garage - one that can be trusted to do a good job of work without 'ripping you off' or carrying out unnecessary work.

    You could try measuring the height of the car on both sides - obviously, they should both be the same height from the road - Finding a discrepancy in height though, does NOT always mean the a spring is broken - but its a start.



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      Hi Welcome to the forum. Another thing it could be is the Drop link Bars, that are attached to the Anti roll bar and the front struts very common on the corsa . Also it could be the rubber mounts Bearings where the struts are bolted at the top to the inner wings . As Walksall has said get a trusted local Garage to have a look .


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        When i had a spring break on my Yaris it was at the very end of the coil spring and not easily visible , except to an eagle eyed mot tester. (notice I didnt say 'when I broke a spring.' That would imply it was my fault ) The only symptom of this was a slight knock when the wheels were not under load. Ie Not when I hit a speed bump, but when the car was momentarily 'airborn' as a result.

        Some problems may not be visible,to the untrained eye. Dont expect Broken springs to necessarily be poking out like an old mattresss. . You might find something obviously loose or rattly but some problems may only be revealed with the car suspended on a lift, and leverage applied in the right places. This takes experience.

        And the usual warning. Never climb under a car thats only raised on a jack. It needs to be safely and securely supported. . Much better to go to a garage.


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          Thanks for the advice so far. Have done the measure trick and car is level.
          As Bugman mentioned, the noise only appears on the 'descend' from any bump or when the wheel drops into a depression (didn't go and target any but some are unavoidable :/ ).

          I will give the garage/dealer we bought it from a call and hope I can squeeze it in under warranty or at least get it diagnosed.


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            Hope you get it done under warranty. If they claim its new damage caused by your own 'negligence' it may be an idea to seek advice from Trading standards or Citizens advice Bureaux . Maybe tone down any mention of speed bumps,potholes etc even as an example

            Not aimed at you personally ,but not everyone realises that kinetic energy increases by the SQUARE of velocity . Here are the rounded figures of the kinetic energy in Joules at which a 1000kg vehicle hits a pothole or speed bump at various speeds.

            5 mph 2500 J
            10 mph 11000 J
            20 mph 40,000 J
            30 mph 90,000 J
            Thus at 30 mph you impact with 36 times as much force as at 5 mph. Same is true of hitting pedestrians.

            It also explains why in Bulgaria (where I am at present ) 4x4 drivers get more than their fair share of suspension and tyre damage. They drive faster and with less caution assuming their' tough' vehicle is immune . Maybe thats why the highways authorities often spend money installing speed bumps even where there are more than enough potholes to slow you down.

            Take it easy out there folks.


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              Yeah, will not mention it.

              Interesting fact about the kinetic energy, you learn something every day.


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                Or in my case learn one thing, forget 3 or 4 others.

                Let us know how you get on. It may help others with a similar problem.


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                  Car has been to the garage.
                  Turned out to be a broken front spring.

                  Thankfully was covered by warranty and now enjoying the car again to its full potential!


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                    Glad that you are all sorted out.