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1.3 CDTI Loss of Power

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  • [Corsa D] 1.3 CDTI Loss of Power

    So we bought a 1.3 CDTI Corsa 07 back in May last year. The EML came on after buying it, and the dealership said they’d cover it. Ended up being the EGR (stuck). The car drove fine all the time up until the eventually got around to replacing the EGR, this would’ve been August. Went to drive it home, and it was lifeless, throwing out a ton of black smoke (couldn’t see behind me). Kept persevering with it for a while, it would just throw out black smoke and barely move until you hit around 3k and would go well. After a while it put out a horrid smell into the car, and one of the pipes had fallen off that had connected to the EGR (can’t remember what it was called for the life of me) which was affecting the boost. My brother put this back on, and then I drove to work the next day - it driving the best it had driven since the EGR had been replaced. Left it for 8 hours, then came to drive it, fired up fine, and then stalled. Thought it was odd, and then tried again and found out that it wasn’t revving. Eventually the AA guy came out, charged up the battery and said that was it, and to get a new battery. Got a new battery. Still didn’t rev. My dad then did a DPF delete on it, which has made no difference. It then sat for around 2/3 months on the drive while finding someone to help us with it, and my dad goes to drive it up the road to the guy and it drives absolutely fine. So didn’t take it to him. Today I drove it, and it was lifeless again, but not throwing out as much smoke. It takes a good 5-15 seconds for it to gain any speed in 1st & 2nd gears, once you’re above 2.5/3k (when the turbo kicks in) it drives fine if you keep it above those revs. Unplugged the EGR earlier which made no difference. Had a recent service, no difference. Pretty stumped at this point? Any suggestions?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I had a corsa Diesel with the same symptoms as yours a couple of years ago. Were the customer had taken the car to someone else to change the EGR Valve. And was still the same . No power chucking out black smoke. When I removed the new EGR valve the hole was almost completely blocked with carbon particles. And when I started to clear the carbon away I could see it was all the way in on the inlet manifold . So removed the inlet manifold which was a bit of a nightmare. But I'm glad I did as the inlet manifold was partially blocked right through to the four openings on the cylinder head. After that the car was fine.