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Rough running after new head gasket

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  • Rough running after new head gasket

    Hi, after 2 weeks sorting the head out, the damn thing is running a bit rough. I am certain it is running on 3 cylinders. I got a cheap ODB2 reader and it say misfire on cylinder 1. Also a 068 (MAF/MAP) intermittent error.

    I tried switching the plugs about to see if the problem moved, nope.
    I tried switching an injector still the problem stayed at cylinder 1.
    I tried a new coil pack, it seemed to work when immediately started but again went to a misfire.

    I am running out of ideas, I am consider it may be a sensor, but why cylinder 1? Could it be the electrical connector to the injector on C1?

    I have noticed a 'little' mayo in the oil, no where near as much as when the head gasket was gone, could this possibly be from contamination from the engine needing a flush? I did fill up with new oil but did NOT change the oil filter before first starting. this was really gunked up (mayo style), so a new filter is now in.

    Any pointers appreciated... hope the head is not cracked

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    I think you need to do a compression test .and see what you get on number 1 cylinder. Did you lap all the valves back in when you removed the cylinder head?


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      I think it may be the MAP sensor as it does not change the running condition with or without the sensor connected. The obd code 301 disappeared and now it is 300 which is a random misfire rather than a misfire on c1. The head was skimmed and inspected by a machine shop who said it all looked in order so suspect the valves should be good but will do a compression test after the new map sensor arrives depending on the result..