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Car lost power, won't start

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  • [Corsa C] Car lost power, won't start

    Hi all x really need some advice. I bought my son a 1.2 corsa. Everything ok until he stalled a few times, bumped it to get home. Recharged battery and then took it out. However only got to end of road and it lost power. Managed to get it home just. Battery is fine. What i have noticed is like a clicking sound coming from under back seat so wondering if fuel is not being able to get up to engine. Thoughts? Ive recently been made redundant and cant afford a garage and thinking of scrapping it but dont want to do that if it maybe something simple... thoughts?

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    What year is the Corsa?

    Access to the fuel pump is from under the rear seat on the driving side.
    When you switch 'on' the ignition, it is normal to hear the pump 'buzz' for a few seconds ( often referred to as the pump priming) but it doesn't normally make anything that could be described as a clicking sound.

    You could check for pressure in the fuel system by:
    Opening the bonnet.
    Locate the fuel rail - this is located at the back of the cam cover and may have what looks like a textile cover over it, this is held in place by two screws which need to be removed.
    Once you have accessed the fuel rail, you may notice a screw cap on the end of what looks a bit like a tyre valve - this cap needs to be removed (unscrewed).
    NO SMOKING! use a wad of rag to soak up any petrol that is released and cover the valve with it to avoid petrol being sprayed in your face.
    Use a small screwdriver to press in the core of the valve.
    Hopefully, there will be petrol released, even AFTER the ignition has been switched 'off' for a few minutes, as pressure is intended to be maintained in the system.

    If there is no petrol released and considering the ' clicking sound' - it may well be the pump which is faulty, but depending upon the model, it could need a new fuel filter.

    Suggest that you try the above and let us know the results.



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      Hi year is 2004. The car does start and drive, its just that it loses power after ive gone so far in it. Its at this point i hear the clicking sound from under back seat.

      I will try your suggestion and come back to you. Thank you for your help


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        I believe the Corsa C has a fuel filter that is located under the car alongside the fuel tank. It may be a goof idea to change this as a first step . It may cure the problem, but if not at least its a service item and worth doing anyway. I believe you may need to release the pressure on the fuel line, as described by Walksall, so you are eliminating 'two birds with one stone'. Or eliminating one possibility and well on your way to diagnosing the next. There are 'how to' videos on Youtube.

        So you dont kill yourself alongside the two birds I'd add " Never climb under a car supported only on a Jack" to Walksalls 'no smoking' warning.


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          Now that we know that you have a Corsa 'C', it is a good idea as Bugman says to change that fuel filter.
          When you buy the new filter, buy some suitable hose clips as well - depending on what type of clips are there at the moment, they may well NOT be reusable.

          One little trick you could try PURELY AS A TEST is to try driving the car with the petrol filler cap removed - If this improves/cures the problem, let us know and we will try to come up with a permanent cure.



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            Ok thats great, thank you , will try today will update.