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Crankshaft locking tool Corsa D

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  • [Corsa D] Crankshaft locking tool Corsa D

    Greetings everyone,

    Run in to an issue with the cylinder block plate plug (where i should insert the locking pin)
    It wont budge ... not even a slightly move ...
    Easily tried with a breaker bar but it start to twist inside that T55
    I have the crankshaft in TDC with the cams locked
    Any idea what to do or why it doesn't budge ?

    Really appreciate any input on this matter as i'm getting really frustrated at the moment.
    Thank you for your time

    Engine Z14XEP - GM part number 11099231

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    I'd put everything back together and give the car a good run (if you can), get the engine as hot as you can then try the bolt again. This method has helped me a few times with siezed bolts, lambdas, drain plugs etc.


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      Hello Tommy,

      Thank you for the advice. Bolt still in ... tried also with an impact but did more damage than good.
      Any other way to lock the crankshaft so I can remove the crankshaft bolt ? Is a manual transmission so I was thinking to use the gearbox in a higher gear with wheels down.
      Need to change the timing gasket, head gasket and oil sump gasket.
      Any input is highly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot,


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        If you remove the pulley on the crankshaft. You will see two large flats on the small pulley pump drive . Make yourself a large 62mm spanner to fit . Or use a large pair of stilson on the flats, to stop the crankshaft from turning. I use an Air gun now. But that's how I used to do it.


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          Is it where i shoild clamp.the stilson and lock the crankshaft ? (pic attached)

          Thank yoi Click image for larger version

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            Yes .


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              Like restorer I often use large stilsons for jobs like this but its sharp jaw grips are designed for gripping round pipe,and can damage the flats. If this is a concern use jaw protectors.

              If you cant get enough leverage , even with an extension pipe over the handle, try jacking the car higher, then with the handle braced against firm ground, lower the car.The weight of the car may be enough to shift it. (But dont climb under a car supported only by a jack, and keep well out of the way.)

              A few times, if there is room , I have used a medium sized bench vice, (with it disconnected from the bench) Put the flats in its jaws, then turn the whole vice with a lever. But this particular job may be too tough for this method. Unlike stilsons that self tighten as force is applied a vice might break. It can put a strain on their thread ,especially cheapo ones (I imagine - how would I know? .) Just an idea you could try if you already have a spare vice lying around that you wont miss
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                Thank you so much for the input Bugman. Managed to lock the crankshaft and of course the bolt doesn't come out ... super seized (need more gym i believe)
                Just borrowed a impact wrench for the day and ill give it a try
                If my knowledge is right , the blot should unscrew to the left (anti clockwise)
                Any advice for using the impact on that blot or just go for it ?

                Thank you,


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                  1. Yes the bolt is anti clockwise to undo . Go for it with the impact gun and the E18 socket. No extensions as you will lose the force of the impact.