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2007 Sub-Frame Rust

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2007 Sub-Frame Rust

    Hi, I've very recently replaced the suspension arms due to failing the MOT.

    While replacing the arms, I found a corroded hole behind the arm (totally hidden by the suspension arm when in place).

    I'll attach a picture showing the extent of the corrosion.

    Click image for larger version

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    Now the underside of the sub-frame only has surface rust and is structurally sound when whacked with a hammer.

    But it seems the sub-frame might be corroding from the inside out somehow, the car used to be in a "high risk rust area" but now isn't.

    Is this dangerous? The hole doesn't seem structural, I've sanded it down and applied a sealant to hopefully slow any progress.

    Also I've heard that Vauxhall are repairing rusty sub-frames for free on this year of corsa, is this correct, does it need to fail an MOT before they will repair it?

    Thank you.

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    Hi . I've seen a couple of 07 corsa D with rusted sub- frames . I've haven't heard of Vauxhall replacing rusted sub-frames .especially now when the cars are 13 years old . Any rusted hole within 30cm of a suspensions mounts is a MOT failure, and yours is definitely within that so if the MOT Tester see the hole he will fail it . Obviously with the wheel on and the wishbone in place it's hard to see .


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      Thanks for the reply. Do you think it will be safe to drive as long as I keep an eye on it? Looks okay to me as long as it doesn't get any worse.

      I bought the car 12 months ago, surely this corrosion would have been present at the time. Could I make the trader pay for a repair under the Consumer Rights Act or will I have no chance?

      In regards to vauxhall, supposedly people have got it done free as the subframes were not properly treated to prevent corrosion in 2006-2008 models.


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        All I can say is it's a Major or even a Dangerous MOT Failure from the photos. And needs sorting. Either with a new sub-frame or wielding. Any come backs for MOT failures on rust must be done within 3 months of the MOT .
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          I agree with Restorer. This needs sorting. I'd say its already too late to just paint it up to prevent it worsening.

          I am not an MOT tester (although I have scrutineered a few times for motor sport events) but anyone can view the testers guidance manual on line.

          Box beams rely for their strength on all four sides being sound.The sides are just as important as a sound top or bottom. Possibly more so as its the shearing strength of the metal of the sides that does most to prevent the beam bending. However thick and sound the top and bottom sides they would bend quite easily on their own. . Even on cars with a separate Chassis that might use open "U" beams, the strength is normally concentrated in the upright side. Heavier grade metal is used to compensate for the lack of a 4th side.

          Think of it like a cardboard box. Quite strong when taped up,but lay it on its side and open the flaps and its significantly more floppy if you try to stack a box (or a car) on top. . When its Flattened out the same materials are even easier to bend.

          Not only do you have a significant perforation there is also signs of cracking to the left. .(movement already?) And the metal over on the right side looks a bit iffy too. Box sections often rust from the inside out so there may be significant rusting you cant easily see.

          ideally replace the sub frame if this is feasible. If its welded it must be done to a high standard. It must look just as strong as the original to pass the mot.And whats acceptable is subjective - down to the testers opinion,and some may be stricter than others. Continuous welding, not just tacked on here and there , or lumpy 'pigeon dropping' welding. (my speciality )

          I believe Vauxhall did have a 12 year rust perforation warranty at some point so some sub frames may have been replaced. But i think you have missed the boat on that one. I doubt you would get any comeback from the seller but you could seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or local Trading standards. They might need an engineers report that might cost more than just getting it welded yourself.

          Sorry if its not what you want to hear.