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GSI 16v 1.6[X16XE] vacuum hose?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] GSI 16v 1.6[X16XE] vacuum hose?

    Where does this hose go? Can't seem to find anywhere for it to be connected..
    As stated engine is an x16xe, left hand drive

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    sorry I dont know this particular engine ,or what the part may be.

    But it looks like ordinary clear plastic pipe,which is quite soft. . This type of pipe would not normally be used for vacuum hoses,or for carrying coolant ,oil etc.

    But it might be used if the pipe is only intended to discharge rainwater or condensation that might get into the air induction system. If so it might not connect to anything at the other end, just drip onto the road.

    On the photo it looks like there might be a smaller pipe inside the plastic pipe. If so the connector may be smaller than you expected.and possibly further away. The clear pipe may just be for protection. A previous owner may have cut it off. Is the engine running ok?

    I may be wrong. If you can wait ,one of the others may know exactly what it is and be more help.


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      Like Bugman, I am unable to give you a definitive answer, but I would agree that these hoses are NOT original equipment - the one nearest the camera even looks to have a rough edge, as if it has been cut with a hacksaw.
      It looks as if it connects to the expansion tank, but as that is a pressurised item, this open ended hose would not connect to it, in any case, if this type of hose was put under pressure and was hot, it would likely explode or blow off the union. Suggest that you have a close look at the connected end, it might be connected to the windscreen scuttle to form a drain and keep the drained water away from other items.

      I can't really see what the item is that the other hose connects to, but it looks to have a part number on it, so if you can read that full number, it might be worth Googling it to find what the item is.
      If this type of hose is used on a vacuum, it will close up under atmospheric pressure, so must NOT be used on the brake servo,
      It might be worth changing that rear hose for a reinforced rubber hose, which you can buy in cut lengths from your local motor factor. ( sold as vacuum hose, petrol hose etc.)