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Hydraulic Lifters - replace all or single?

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  • Hydraulic Lifters - replace all or single?

    3 of the lifters need replacing, when I pulled them out, they seperated and I cannot get them back into the sleeve. Is there any problem just replacing the 3 or should they be replaced as a full set?

    The job I am doing is the cylinder head gasket and I will be getting the head checked/skimmed as well.

    I have seen some on ebay,

    Only £7.98 would you avoid these?

    GSF are about the same price ?


    I am wondering what else I should replace while I am so far in, I am doing the timing chain with a kit

    And new studs
    Vauxhall Exhaust Manifold Studs and Copper Nuts Bolts Corsa Zafira Astra M8 | eBay

    Any tips appreciated.
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    I can't really help with the full answer, but I did notice the first eBay link to the lifter is for an old Corsa B according to description, and timing chain kit is for much newer models - it would be worth letting us know what car/model you have so someone more technical can point you in the right direction
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      I too can only give general answers. In theory there is no reason why you could cannot just replace the faulty lifters if you are sure the others are OK. But it could it be those three are difficult to reinsert because they actually have less wear than the others Or they may have got gummed up in some way. You may be able to tell using precision calipers whether its the three that are most worn, or all the others. Measure both the lifters and their sleeves if you can. While you might expect worn lifters to be looser, not tighter, its possible heat stress may have caused distortion. Which might not show up with calipers. Are you able to insert a 'good' lifter into the sleeve of a 'bad'? Is it tighter or looser?

      If the three have received excessive wear it would be a good idea to investigate why. Maybe their oil supply had become clogged. Alternatively if the three are the least worn they could be the bench mark suggesting its a good idea to replace them all.

      If there is any visible difference between the 'good' and 'bad' lifters it might help to post well focused close up photos of both. And maybe the cylinder block and head. A more experienced eye may be able to detect heat stress etc.

      I cant think of anything else that should be changed as a matter of routine but others may have suggestions,(or disagree with me )
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        Hi Welcome back . Glad you managed to get the cat off. If the lifters have separated theres no way you can fit them back together. Why did they separate was the engine running before you remove the cylinder head and was the oil light on.
        it would be ok just to replace the three hydraulic lifters. But what I do to check the lifters is .squeeze them in a bench vice very slowly winding the handle in and out allowing the oil to come out of the hole . Then when all the oil is out ,squeeze the lifter between your fingers and it should return to its start position on its own.
        I would replace the water pump and thermostat housing . Also you will need to remove the sump. As when you come to refit the timing cover on to the dowels the bottom of the timing cover will damage the sump gasket. Please don't leave the dowels out as some do . As the dowels are there to line the oil pump up in the timing chain cover.
        let us know if you need any more help.