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My 2005 Corsa C will not start in the cold

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] My 2005 Corsa C will not start in the cold

    I have a 2005 Corsa C 1.2 SXI and when the car stands overnight in the cold it will not start in the morning, however when I finally get it started is runs perfectly all day, and when warm at night ( above ~ 8deg C )then again starts perfectly in the morning and runs perfectly during the day. The battery is fine as easily turns the engine and is not sluggish. After 10 min or so of trying to start the engine + jumping off another car it eventually starts , then is fine from then on

    I have done the following:-
    Changed the spark plugs
    Changed the air filter
    Changed the Crank sensor
    Checked for errors on engine management system - none
    Used jump leads off another running car
    Taken out the plug to the spark plug distribution rail and cleaned + sprayed with WD40 in case damp
    Checked the pressure of the fuel rail - perfect

    Really not sure what else I can do- Any Ideas please....

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I have deleted your identical post in the electrical section. The problem may be electrical but could also be mechanical .Its best to stick to just one post.

    By' plug distribution rail' I assume you mean the coil pack.

    Another possibility is electronic control unit is getting a false temperature reading. ie it 'thinks' the ambient temperature is warmer that it really is. It may be metering an air fuel mixture that is too lean for a cold start at any temperature below 8 degrees. Or in old parlance , not giving it enough choke. You could try fitting a new coolant temperature sensor.

    I believe the Corsa C has a hidden menu that is operated via the Radio controls and display. One of these readings is the coolant temperature reading the ECU will be using for fuel metering . ( The temperature reading that is on permanent display is taken from a different sensor). You could check the temperature shown when the engine is cold seems about right . Check on line for instructions or videos on how to do this on a corsa C
    (I have a corsa D that does it a different way)

    But you might want to wait a bit, if you can,before spending cash to see if anyone has any better suggestions.
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