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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Throttle body

    Hi there so I have a 2009 design 1.4 corsa 1364cc petrol, the engine management light is on an when it first starts up an you go to accelerate theres no power an then it kicks in, I've took it to whats wrong with it an it's the throttle body, I've got some spray to try an clean it, first can anyone tell me its location on the engine? Also would I need to take it of to clean it or could I do it whilst it's still on? Thanks

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Must admit i have never done this job on a Corsa. I've only done conventional carburettor throttles.

    Google ' corsa 1.4 throttle body' to get images of what it looks like. To locate it go from the air filter box and follow the air main inlet ducting towards the back of the engine. Firstly will be the MAF air flow meter with its electrical connection ,then a further large diameter pipe that will connect to the throttle body ,probably using a jubilee clip. Check out this You tube video. The ducting may may not look exactly the same as your car but it gives the idea.

    It may be enough just to clean the body without removing it from the car, as shown in the video. You could try that first. If it doesnt work its beyond my knowledge. Except to say if you do remove the throttle body, or disconnect its electrical connection ,or the car battery, the throttle position sensor will need to calibrate itself. I believe it does this automatically if you switch the ignition on and wait 30 seconds before trying to start the engine.



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      Thankyou clueless myself so any help is appreciated! Thankyou will give it a try!


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        A small brush might help to get inside the throttle body (TB) with the carb cleaner.
        When you have done the job, be prepared for some smoke from the exhaust when you start the engine - it should clear quickly.
        Be careful not to drop any foreign body inside the TB - If you do, be sure to retrieve it before attempting to start the engine.

        Let us know how you get on, the problem may be other than the need for cleaning.



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          Thankyou very much my brother is coming round to show me where the throttle body is an I'm going to have a go tomorrow! Thankyou for that will use a tooth brush or something! It may need a new 1 I did take it to get tested an it came up but someone else has mentioned it could be a sensor or something so we will see! Will let you no how it goes lol!


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            A toothbrush might be a bit too stiff and aggressive, and its possible the solvents in the cleaner could dissolve plastic or nylon handle and bristles. A Cheap artist brush set from a pound shop might be better. You might get a set with a variety of sizes, with some in soft real animal hair and some in slightly stiffer pure bristle. These are the tools I blame for my lack of artistic ability!

            Best to test its solvent proof first, and make sure it wont shed any bristles. Its possible the position sensor also needs cleaning or replacement, not just the throttle butterfly. It may be obvious how much more is needed when you inspect the throttle body. A toothbrush might be ok for cleaning less delicate areas.