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Heater not working 1.3cdti

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Heater not working 1.3cdti

    Hi everyone new on here !

    Just got a 61 plate 1.3cdti and have now noticed the heater is not working ie it doesnt blow hot air (blows only cold)

    The fan is working OK but there simply is no hot air coming through

    The engine warms up ok

    at the rear of the engine i can feel one of the water pipes going through the bulkhead but it seems to stay cold

    I cant seem to to see where the pipes go either

    Does anyone have a good diagram of the pipe layouts and how they are laid out ?

    I am not sure if its an air block, or possibly there is something wrong with the heater matrix or even thermostat

    Any pointers on best where to start appreciated !


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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    One possibility is that although you are able to turn the heat control knob this is not a good fit on its spindle, and is not really turning it. You could try removing the controls module and see if you can turn the heater spindle manually,(with a pair of pliers for instance but being careful not to damage it) , and any signs that the splines inside the knob have been mangled. If the knob is mangled it maybe because the spindle , or rather the heater control valve it leads to, has seized or become very stiff. . It may not be enough just to replace the knob, as it could happen again. You may be able to free up the valve by moving the spindle a few times etc. If you remove the panel, and turn the spindle manually or just the knob within the control ,make sure that when you reinstall the switch the spindle position and knob position match. Ie both are set at either the hot or cold position.
    If you can get a good view of the control valve you may be able to see if the spindle is turning ok without having to remove the control panel.
    I dont know how good a view you can get. Or it might be possible to see whats happening if you can slip a smartphone up behind the dash and video it.

    If you do a google search on 'Corsa D heater control' , then look at images you will find lots of images of the control knob module and also workshop manual line drawings, some of which may lead to web pages that will help. There will also probably be 'how to' videos on you tube.

    It could also be an air lock, particularly if there has been any loss of coolant either due to a current leak or any repairs that involved draining and then refilling the system. Has the heating ever worked in your ownership or any known history? The corsa is very susceptible to airlocks if the coolant system is refilled. It has to filled VERY slowly , almost dribbled in with the heater control on hot. So I would check the spindle is turning ok first before undertaking this.

    Others may have more suggestions. And let us know how you get on.
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      It sounds like you have a blockage somewhere in the coolant system. Even if the valve didn't work on the heater control panel. You should still have both pipes hot going into and out of the heater matrix at the bulkhead . Drain some coolant out of the Radiator, bottom right hand corner 13mm plastic drain plug . Then remove the two heater pipes at the bulkhead. With a screwdriver lift the clips up and twist the pipes and pull them off .
      then get a hose pipe on one of the heater matrix and see if it comes out of the other pipe at a good flow . If not try some caustic soda in the pipes. Hopefully nobody put Rad weld in the system to stop a leak.