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Petrol smell in car

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Petrol smell in car

    For a while now i get a strong smell of petrol inside my car, I’ve change the petrol cap as advised but still keeps happening, has anyone else had this issue and how was it resolved, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Are there any signs of a petrol stain on the floor when the car has been standing? - If so, that may indicate a leak in the area of the stain, although fluid has a habit of running along metal and dripping off at a lower place.

    If there are no obvious leaks, it could be that the filler neck has a leak in it.
    It could also be that the actual smell is from the exhaust, due possibly to the car running too 'rich' - have you noticed any difference in performance or fuel consumption?

    If you would care to let us know what model Corsa you have, it may help to solve the problem.



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      Hi, Thanks for your reply
      It is a 59 plate Corsa D, Automatic
      No obvious leaks, but think you may be right about the filler neck, will get it checked as soon as i can.

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        Check the air hose coming off the back of the rocker cover, they tend to split and when they do that can give a smell of fuel / oil in the car. This happened on my sons car.


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          Ok Thank you will get it checked as soon as, thank you for your reply