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Kangarooing 2016 1.4 90HP

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Kangarooing 2016 1.4 90HP

    We have a badly running 2016 1.4 90 that isn't logging a fault code. Sounds rough in general and won't climb a hill without juddering and needs down shifting.

    Our reader said no faults so I unplugged the MAF and took her for a 5 minute drive. It drove the same and no ECU light but it logged 2 faults, Intake Temp and Maf. They clear fine once I plugged the MAF back in so the reader appears OK for the car.

    OK, so what is causing it to run badly but not log a code? Live data for the MAF is interesting. At idle it read 0.00 lb/sec, at 2000 rpm it reads 0.01 lb/sec and at 4000 rpm it reads 0.02 lb/sec. By my Math from another vehicle I think we should have 0.02 at idle and 0.1 at 4k. Knackered MAF? Stuck EGR recycling to much exhaust gas? Any thoughts would be appreciated.