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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Electric Power Steering

    Hi all. Could do with some help please. I have a 2009 Corsa D auto with about 45000 on the clock. Today my power assistance failed. No knocks, vibrations or starnge turns of the wheel. Just no assistance.This seems to be a fairly common issue. Is this a main "stealer" job? I'm fairly practical but more used to dealing with nice straightforward classic cars and not this new-fangled stuff! Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Have you checked the fuse? Its fuse 10 in the passenger compartment fuse box. I believe its behind a hatch in the glove box. (Not sure because my car is LHD and has it behind the light switch) . I know a fuse shouldnt just fail for no reason but you never know your luck, and at least its a possibility eliminated. .

    If it comes to needing a garage I would avoid main stealers for pretty much everything. Try to find an independent vauxhall specialist in your area. Their mechanics are often Vauxhall trained, and they have fewer overheads.


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      Thanks very much for your reply. I intend to check the fuse first thing tomorrow. I agree about using a main dealer. I will avoid at all costs. I have a feeling that this could be expensive.


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        The fuse may help with diagnosis, whether it has fused or not , and if it blows again immediately could indicate towards , erm ,something. Sorry . Electric power steering is beyond my knowledge, which like you is more in the classic car era. Someone on here may be able to give a " It will be the thingamebob on the oojamaflip ,they all do that, its as easy as winkie to fix" " type of answer. Let us know how you get on.

        While its probably a good idea going to an independent vauxhall specialist for specialist work such as Vauxhalls own easytronic gearbox I think many other general garages will be competent to work on the power steering. More choice for the best quotes. On the other hand a vauxhall expert may know immediately what they problem is and do just that , while a general garage might learn on the job, doing unnecessary work at your expense.


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          Thanks again. I've checked the fuses and they are ok. The steering is normal this morning but I have spoken to a "non-stealer" Vauxhall garage and they will plug the car in on Monday to see what is going on. I'm resigned to not doing this job myself because it has to be programmed in after a replacement column is fitted and that'/s above my paygrade and I don't have the equipment. It looks like an intermittent fault so needs to be sorted.I'm not so much worried about a lack of power assistance as the possibility that the wheel could be wrestled from my hands although all PS systems should be "fail safe" by design.


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            They are fail safe in as far as its still technically possible to steer. But the difference with no power steering is so great it could cause you to crash if it suddenly cut out at the wrong moment. Much heavier steering than on cars that never had power steering (remember them?) Same with power brakes.


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              Thanks. Yes, I do remember pre-power steering cars as I'm in my late 60's. I had a Rover P4 but it was on skinny crossplies which helped! I have a Rover P5B with hydraulic PS which is straightforward with a massive steering box and pump. Basic engineering with no electrickery involved! I'll update the forum on Monday as my experiences might help others to ascertain costs etc although it just seems a conversation between us at the moment!


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                The others will have looked, but most are working and wont have time to comment (or read my long posts) unless they can add more. and quite a few guests will eventually view it following google searches on Corsa power steering problems.They will get more than they bargained for

                I dont suppose many of them will also have P series Rovers, but what the heck , Theres quite a bit of mx5 stuff on the site ,

                Its probably only Walksall and me among the 'regulars' who can remember P series Rovers and can reminisce. I can remember the P3 , P4 cyclops, P4 P5 (prime minister cars ) Great cars. I have driven a P6 V8.

                Speaking of P4's have you watched "His dark materials" currently on TV? Its a fantasy that features a parallel universe, which is similar to our own but a bit old fashioned, and sinister . The cars used in that universe are thinly disguised Rover P4's. If you havnt seen it I highly recommend watching it on i player. The P4's feature in the first episode I think, possibly the second. I didnt think i would like it at first but the acting and effects are superb. and of course I like to spot the disguised P4's and Mercedes Unimog and a Bedford CA van(I think)

                And for those who know i am in Bulgaria at present who may wonder how I can be watching his Dark materials on i player, Despite the BBC's best efforts to stop viewing from outside the UK there are ways and means . (and since I really do have a current UK TV licence I feel no shame )
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                  I'm not following the series but I know what you mean about the cars. I wouldn't dare say this on my Rover forums but I'm really only a P5B man! I'm not that keen on the P4 but I know it has a devoted following and I am a member of a local club because the guys are so friendly (much friendlier than the P5 owners!) My P4 which I had as a young man never failed to let me down especially on my journeys from London to the Westcountry. I still look back through rose-tinted hindsight and remember the good times with it.


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                    When i drove a P6 it was still more or less a contemporary car. (the local traffic police still had a few) With a young family I couldnt justify buying one. I'm not just saying this, but despite generally thinking the older the better the P5 is my favourite. A good compromise of usability and older virtues . The P 6 was a bit modern.
                    I have been gobsmacked by "his dark materials" The Polar bear is a Polar bear, no questions. Superb. Perfect .You can almost smell its breath . The fact it can speak, and wears armour it made itself ,well ...
                    And the actress that plays 12 year old Lyra. Wow , Thats a talent for the future! Give it a try. You may thank me.