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2010 Corsa EcoFlex gear stick/box issues

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2010 Corsa EcoFlex gear stick/box issues

    Hello guys I’m going to try explain it to my best of my abilities.

    The car was going around 65 mph when instead of the person changing up gear the went down into I think it was 2nd or 3rd ( test driving it) before the gear box / stick was fine. No issues what so ever drives like a dream

    now tho and why I am saying box issues / gear stick is

    the gears feel further away now, when putting it into reverse it try’s jumping out like it has not been put into reverse enough and all the other gears feel like they are in different places 5th you really have to push it up to get it into it and it try’s jumping out of third if I don’t push it in enough. Now when you find the next gear and get it into them it runs fine. Goes through the gears like a dream. After the problem I took it down the motorway and it ran fine. No weird noises and other then really having to force it in gear it’s fine. I’m hoping this will not be a gearbox issue but something maybe simple ish.

    the gear stick is really loose I can shake it around a lot. I was wondering if you guys could help me out maybe on what it could be .

    I really don’t think it is a gear box issue because it runs through them fine it’s just getting into the gears.

    i really hope I made sense.

    Many thanks


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    Hi. Welcome to the forum

    Changing into too low a gear at speed might cause gearbox damage. But drivers must do it quite often without damaging the gearbox. (selecting,or trying to select , reverse while moving forward is more likely to break something) .

    It could be the gear selector linkage. This has ball joints and pivots that can get loose so that there is now excessive play on the gear stick when you try to select a gear. . Its actually quite a weak point on the corsa and its common to have to replace it . The original part, at least on earlier cars, had plastic ball joints, which have the advantage of being cheap and not needing any lubrication ,but are not very durable . If it needs replacement its a good idea to fit an upgraded one with metal joints. The good news is the gearbox does not need to come out to replace this linkage and its a relatively cheap and quick job.
    . If you get someone to try to select gear (with the engine off of course,) while you look at the linkage you may spot some free play. If not , grasp the moving joint with your hand to see if you can feel any unusual free movement . If you are not sure have it checked by a mechanic. You may be able to replace it yourself. There are probably 'how to' videos on you tube. Trying to force the gear lever may have caused the play on the linkage to get worse.

    A less likely possibility, is the stress could cause a clutch that was already nearly worn out to finally wear to the point that gear changing becomes difficult . A clutch that is worn or not disengaging properly properly is one cause of difficulty getting into gear. ("The final straw that broke the camels back")

    If its difficult to engage gear this might make any free play that already existed in the gear linkage more obvious.

    A good way to check for a worn clutch is to put the car in gear with the brakes firmly applied and try to drive off. The car should stall immediately . If there is any sign the clutch is slipping it needs further investigation.

    It might be the gearbox but its best to check the linkage first. Clutch replacement is almost as big a job as replacing the gearbox so its probably best to get a mechanic to check it out before doing that. If the gearbox needs to be replaced its a good idea to fit a new clutch at the same time.


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      Hi Welcome to the forum. As Bugman as said, quite a common fault on the Corsa with the gear linkage and the 5 swivels pivot points, plastic cups on metal balls. As Bugman says replace it with the metal ones. Theres a couple of good YouTube videos on how to set the gear linkage up.let us know how you get on.