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What’s this noise please?

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  • [All Models] What’s this noise please?

    This just started happening today! Funny strange NEW and alarming beeping noise that happens as soon as the key is taken out of the ignition.


    Any advice welcome!

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I assume its comes from the cars normal warning beeps system. Have you checked in the drivers handbook to see if it is the legitimate warning that you have not turned something off,such as the lights, or you may have activated some function you were not aware the car had, such as parking lights, 'follow me home' headlights ,an alarm system (possibly an aftermarket addition by a previous owner ) etc?

    I know I sometimes only discover some features like this on my cars after owning it for months, if ever.

    It may be caused by a fault somewhere ,possibly part of the cars own security system ,but this is beyond my knowledge.Others may be able to help.

    It may help to tell us the year, engine size and trim level of your car . And maybe a sound recording/video.


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      When you open the door with the key still in position you WILL get a warning tone, but I suspect that you already knew that.

      There is also a different tone if you open the door with the lights turned on - If you haven;t had the car too long, it may be that you haven't heard this before.
      Make sure that the lights are turned 'OFF' and try it again.

      As Bugman says, if you give us more details of the car and the luxury of a sound recording, we may be able to come up with more detailed advice.