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  • [Corsa D] Loss of power

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post, 2 months ago i bought a used car Corsa D 2012 has 126km,
    When i drove it, I noticed the car is too weak
    - It loses Power on 3rd gear
    - Barely can go up hill with second gear, only 1st
    It feels like it lacks air

    When i took it for a diag this errors came up:
    P011-00 : Intake Camshaft Position Control Solenoid Circuit Range/Perfomance (Bank 1) Present
    P017-00 : Crankshaft/Exaust Camshaft Postion not Plausible (Bank1) Present
    P006-00 : Manifold Absolute Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Present
    P071-00 : Too poor system,ligne 1 Absent
    P027-00 : rattling sensor 1, ligne 1 -too low a value Absent
    P028-00 : rattling sensor 1,,line 1 -too high a value Absent

    Find out The Catalyse has been already removed, and the last 3 errors are related to it i guess
    - Replaced Pipe canister which it helped a bit with engine noise
    - Took it to a mechanician to check camshaft timing, but it seems no one has the the timing Kit, he just looked at it and turned the wheel few times and said its on time.
    - Air filter is new
    - Changed oil and filter

    I even bought opcom but it turned out fake chinese clone

    The only thing left i guess is camshaft timing , before i go deep
    But without the kit its pointless

    Any suggestion what may be, as some pointed to the MAP?

    Thank you for your time

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    Did you ever get to the bottom of your Corsa low power problem? My daughter has a 2010 1.2 D with virtually the same symptoms, I was a mechanic ( just retired) so I bought the car with a blown head gasket, got the head skimmed, replaced the Air Flow Mass Meter and the purge valve, I have checked the cam timing with the proper kit. The car just doesn't go the way it should, it's low on power, especially when pulling out of a junction when you need power to get out safely, it is also hard on fuel.



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      Have you checked for fault codes - I notice that the original post had a string of 'em
      The problem with fault codes, is that some of them may be historic ( earlier problems that have been sorted, but their fault codes have not been cleared) - I find that (where possible) it is better to make a list of codes, then clear (delete) them, run the car and see if the same ones reappear.

      Other possibilities include lack of sufficient fuel or blocked exhaust (uncommon, but not unknown)