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2007 Vauxhall corsa D Engine problems

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2007 Vauxhall corsa D Engine problems

    Good morning,

    Firstly thank you for reading this thread.

    I have a 2007 Vauxhall corsa D, Which i have some problems with.

    First problem is it has a Error code P0303 (Cylinder three misfire) i had it into a garage initialy to get the issue of the high coolant consumption fixed (Still no further forward) the mechanic told me the head gasket was shot. I later found out that the coolant consumption could be caused by the thread on my expansion tank being broke. The car drives fine for a short while then cuts out when too hot. There is no white smoke coming from the exhaust nor any mayo like fluids on the oil cap after its been driven. Could i need to replace my whole engine or my cooling system? Can anybody shed some light into this problem?

    I have been told the car is good for scrap but i wanted to see if there are some other options. I can get a pre-owned engine for about £250-£300.

    Thank you for any help,


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    Hi Welcome to the Forum, firstly you need to find out why the engine is over heating and cutting out when hot . It could be the thread or the cap on the expansion bottle. You need to fixed this first or the next engine will do the same. Why don't you try some K-SEAL From ECP. £12.99 you've got nothing to lose, if the headgasket has gone. If you are going to fit a replacement engine and fit it yourself, then that's going to be cheaper than paying someone to charge the headgasket. But if you haven't heard the engine run you don't know what the chain is like .


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      A faulty expansion bottle cap ,split hose ,leaking water pump etc may have been the original cause of overheating . But once the engine overheats (Even just once, let alone repeatedly) this may result in a warped cylinder head and blown head gasket. Mayo deposits and water vapour in the exhausts are indications, but their absence does not necessarily prove the head gasket is ok.

      The misfire on 3 could also have been caused by a blown head gasket causing loss of compression . Its something worth checking. (Ideally you would want to check the compressions on any replacement engine as well prior to purchase.) As Restorer points out the costs dont necessarily end with just a replacement engine, assuming You are lucky enough to get one in good condition. Its sensible to take the opportunity while its out to replace the clutch,and timing chain unless you are sure they have been recently replaced.

      A 2007 car is at that awkward age. Often still a very nice car but costs of a replacement engine , or gasket replacement (and you should always get the cylinder head professionally checked for warping and skimmed at the same time) can easily exceed its market value.You may also need to realistically consider how much longer it will last without other expensive repairs and replacements. (Even the cost of a new battery, tyres etc might tip the balance).

      In your position I too would give K seal a try.([plus carefully checking and replacing any leaking bottles ,caps and hoses. ) It might work , it might not.