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Does my car have Stop/start?

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  • [Corsa E] Does my car have Stop/start?


    I just purchased a 2015 Corsa 1.4 Limited Edition and I cannot find if it has auto stop start, if so I cannot get it to work. Any input would be appreciated


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    Hi welcome to the forum

    I'm not well up on the specs of newer models but I believe stop start cars have a switch so you can chose to enable and disable the system. But its possible all cars might have the switch installed but only higher spec models actually have the system.

    You may find something in the owners handbook If you havnt got one you can view it or down load it as a pdf for free from here. Corsa Owners’ Manuals | Car & Van Manuals | Vauxhall There is a version from August 2015 , which may match your car, or at least show what switches etc your car appears to be lacking.

    I dont think the system activates when the engine is cold. which may be the case if you are only doing short journeys. Also it wont activate if the battery is low, or working hard on other things such as heater blowers etc.Indeed I think it might be disabled when the air distribution is set to windscreen only.


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      As far as I understand, it's an ECO button you're looking for, and if it's there then there are still a ton of reasons start stop might not kick in - things like engine not being at temperature, battery low, fans/air con being on, things using power in 12v power outlet, and according to what I've read, even the oil lifetime remaining.

      On my old manual Merc the car also had to be in neutral with the clutch pedal released.
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        Welcome to the Forum.

        Being a mean Yorkshireman, I'm not too impressed with auto stop/start. OK, it might save a little fuel and reduce total emissions, BUT it will (particularly in traffic) cause far more wear on the starter motor and potentially, run down the battery.