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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Rear springs

    Fitted new shocks and 30 lowered springs today and not sure if the supposed to sit like this see photos.
    pink are new black are old.
    Are they right pls

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    How strange. Were they like that before fitting? I suppose its one way of lowering the ride by 30 without reducing the overall length of the spring coiling .The extra 'squashed' coils may be needed and separate on rebound and when cornering to prevent the wheels lifting off the road so easily . What happens when you jack up the car body with the wheel hanging ? I would have though if they do regularly separate and then bottom out again in this way it could be quite harsh and noisy.

    If no one on here is familiar with this type of spring It may be a good idea to contact the suppliers or makers for advice.


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      This reply I got from the supplier


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        Pretty much what i suspected. I think they are used to answering this question. It explains it well, although you can just detect that 'Greg' may live in the Orient.


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          Greg's from Demon Tweaks


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            Whoops I didnt mean any offence by it btw. Its one of my many peculiarities to try and detect a writers nationality by these slight mistakes.If they are mistakes. Sometime people abbreviate slightly or Americanise . Often I am in awe of how well other nationalities can speak English. Better than many who have english as their first ,and only, language.


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              As 'Greg Sez', they are obviously dual rate springs - BUT - the lower three or maybe, four turns look to be 'coil bound', meaning that they are in contact with each other, if that is the case, then they will be 'solid; with no 'give' in them at all.
              If there really is no spacing between those lower coils, then you may find that the ride will be 'harsh'.

              One thing that may account for the coils being in contact (if indeed they are) could be a heavy load in the boot/rear seat.