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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Abs pump

    Lilbiff03 Today, 04:06 PM
    Hi all have just fitted a second hand abs pump and it's working fine how do you get the light off the dash
    Problem two is driving over 3000rpm the car goes into limp mode if you turn off key and back on it goes back to full power any information on the two problems please its a corsa D 1.3 ecoflex on a 59 plate

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    You will need to take it to a Garage. To turn off the abs light and read the codes off , for why its going in to limp mode. Or buy your self a scanner to read the codes. But most cheap code readers won't turn the ABS light off .


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      Done that and they can't turn them off how does everyone else sort it out


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        I don't know what sort of Garage you went to. But if they couldn't turn the light off ,they should have be able to tell you why the light is still on .as I said scanner that read all ABS systems on cars are expensive. My was over £500 .and it still doesn't do all the VAG systems.


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          Hmm. ABS light on is an mot failure. It might be worth looking into whether the' Op Com' scanner will reset the ABS light. A quick check on line suggests that they will, but you have to select Chassis diagnostics, not the usual engine diagnostics. But I dont know for sure as I havnt got one. I believe you can buy them for only about £13, their main disadvantage are they are specific to GM cars, not universal ,and need to be plugged into a PC to read and operate. They wont work on an android. At that price it may be worth getting one and giving it a go. If it doesnt work you are back to square one, but it could still be useful for other diagnostic tasks.

          Let us know how you get on. It may help others.
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