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Corsa 1.3 Diesel Ecoflex Acceleration

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa 1.3 Diesel Ecoflex Acceleration

    I had a strange thing happen to my 62 plate 1.3 diesel Corsa yesterday, I was doing about 30 down the road when I realised that I was driving directly into town where there were two sets of roadworks. I broke quite hard and done a complete U Turn at the same time, however my acceleration after that was very slow, I thought maybe I got air in the system as I had about a quarter tank diesel. It feels as though 2nd gear will only get to 20, 3rd gear will only get to 30 and 4th gear is slow until it picks up. What could have caused this problem? and does anyone have a solution? Thanks

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    That's an odd one!

    I just wonder if there was some sediment or water in the tank that was picked up during the braking/sudden turn.



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      I did think something like that had happened, it seems to start fine and drive okay it is just the acceleration through the gears. I will be taking it for a good run on Wednesday to see if that helps. Thanks for your input.


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        Strange. Very ,very slight possibility is floor mats or something shifted and are now preventing the accelerator pedal going to the floor. It was not unknown in the 'old days' ,when many people carpeted their car using off cuts from the lounge, for poor engine response to be traced to a rucked carpet .

        You could also check that all is secure and in position under the bonnet,( battery, induction pipework etc ) in case something has been able to move and might have disconnected something. But I would have expected this to throw up a fault code and activate the eml.


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          I will check under the bonnet, I don think it's the mats as they have pegs which hold them down. Many Thanks


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            Thinking further your symptoms sound a bit like you are not getting any turbo boost. I dont know a lot about these, and its just a vague suggestion so dont get too alarmed or go to any expense on the turbo without getting expert opinion. Its only one possibility. But when you check under the bonnet for any loose connections etc be sure to check any wiring ,or pipes , or other connections that control the turbo boost actuator.

            Another slight possibility is that if your braking was much harder than normal the front brakes might have jammed partially on and are not fully releasing due to the brake pad sliders entering a previously un disturbed area of corrosion and brake dust /road dirt contamination.
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