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Corsa D weak braking on front O/S

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D weak braking on front O/S

    Hi all,

    I am having the above problem on my daughters 2012 corsa D 1.2, having looked around I thought it was going to be the ABS pump as these seem to be a common problem, but I have the car jacked up now and there is fluid getting to the bleed nipple on the front O/S(I bled some through to check for air in the system) but the braking is very weak, only if the brake pedal is pressed very hard does it stop me from being able to rotate the wheel by hand, I jacked up the N/S to compare and this is fine which explains the pulling to the left under braking.

    I now suspect the ABS pump is not at fault as usually no fluid gets the caliper, does anyone have any Ideas what could be causing this problem.

    Thanks for reading


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I wouldn't rule out the ABS pump, but it sounds more to me as if there may be some sort of obstruction, or that the calliper is either partially seized - this could be the piston, or more likely the slide.
    Another fairly common problem (not just on the Corsa) is that there is a breakdown in the internal rubber lining of the hose, which can either block off the supply of fluid completely, restrict the flow or even act as a valve, allowing fluid to the calliper, but not to return.

    I would suggest removing the pads and checking that the calliper can slide.
    If it does slide, replace the pad in the piston side (to prevent the piston popping out) and have an assistant press the pedal whilst observing any piston movement.

    One cause of ABS pump failure, is the practice of forcing fluid back to the reservoir when pushing pistons in (as when changing pads) - This fluid tends to be dirty and it doesn't need much dirt to affect the pump. The recommended method, is to open the bleed nipple before retracting the piston, thus expelling the dirty fluid.



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      Thanks for you reply, I will get the pads out and check the calipers and pistons as you suggested, then I think I am going to fully bleed the system before I go for the ABS pump, I am not sure when this problem started but this car had the clutch slave cylinder replaced this year as it was leaking fluid, just want to make sure no air found its way into the brake system when the fluid level was very low, will let you know how I get on.

      Also thanks for the tip with using the bleed nipple to push the pistons back, makes sense and will be doing this in the future.


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        It doesn't sound to me as if there is air in the system, if there were, the pedal would feel 'spongy' and the effect would probably be noticed on all wheels.
        Also, the fluid reservoir is so designed that, even if you lost all of the clutch fluid, the brakes should still have sufficient.



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          I checked the pistons and caliper slides on both sides and they seemed fine but the O/S wasn't releasing very well, as you suggested the flexi hose can break down and act like a one way valve, so I replaced this and then changed the brake fluid. The last caliper I came to bleed, the front N/S, would not bleed, cracked the pipe at the abs pump and dry. Replaced the abs pump and all is now well, strange how it was fine a few days ago, guess its been an intermitent fault, thanks for your help with this Walksall, got there in the end.