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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Inlet manifold

    I'm sorry if this is all wrong but my dad has asked me to post this! But we are putting a pre 2007 1.2 engine in a 2007 1.2 corsa D - everything fits but the inlet manifold! Can I get a pre 2007 inlet manifold and it wire up ok?

    Any help would be gratefully received 😁 I miss my Corsa!!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    You don't say what year the 'new' engine is from, but I am guessing that you have a mechanical throttle on the replacement engine, but will have an electrically operated one on the car, generally referred to as 'drive by wire'

    Pictures may help us sort it.



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      Sorry! The new engine is a 2006 engine however the inlet manifold will be from a 2004 engine...

      I can post pictures, but I'm posting all of this on behalf of my dad so whatever you need pictures of I will get if that will help?

      Thank you!


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        Are you saying you have a 2004 inlet manifold, but it will not fit the 2006 engine you intend fitting? Or is the problem that the 2004 manifold fits the 2006 engine but will not connect up to the 2007 car? The corsa changed from Corsa C to Corsa D in 2006 . The 2004 engine is corsa C but the 2006 engine could either be from a very late corsa C or an early corsa D.

        I would have though you need a manifold (and possibly other bits) from a corsa D (ideally 2007) rather than a pre 2007 manifold.(2006 corsa D may be ok) Do you still have the manifold etc from the 2007 engine thats being removed?
        If the 2007 parts fit the 2006 engine itself, then connecting them up to the 2007 car they came out of originally should not be a problem.

        If the necessary 2007 parts do not fit the 2006 engine I dont know how anything old enough to fit the 2006 engine will also fit the 2007 car. There may be a way but its beyond my knowledge.


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          Bugman . You beat me to it . 2006 could be a Corsa C or a Corsa D both XEP Engines TWINPORT .but different inlet manifold and EGR Valves . 2004 IS on the change with the Corsa C Engine . Could be a XE Engine not TWINPORT.
          We will need more information on the engines you have . Have a look at the EGR Valves connections plugs, I think they are going to be different as well.


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            Bugman - head gasket went on the original engine in the car (2007 1.2 Corsa) and was told it was easier to just put a whole new engine in the car as this is the second time the gasket has gone on the same engine. Bought a new engine (now believe to be maybe a 2006 engine) which matched the engine code in the car manual, however when it came to fitting the new engine in everything fit apart from the inlet manifold. we are just looking into fitting a inlet manifold from a 2004 engine to the 2006 engine we have found and was wondering if it would work. Still have both engines too. Now wondering if the bloke flogged me the wrong engine just for a quick sale lol...


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              The inlet manifold from the 2004 engine is not going to work. On the 2007 engine you have the MAP sensor on the inlet manifold. Which the 2004 inlet manifold does not have. Can't you just swap the manifolds over. IE your original manifold from the 2007 should fit the 2006 .